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How to Find The Den in Starfield and Sell Contraband

Contraband Paradise

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Starfield is all about freedom and choices, letting players tackle its expansive universe in a multitude of ways. Of course, one way involves stealing everything in sight, and while that’s a valid choice, you might have a bit of trouble offloading your stolen wares. Only certain merchants in Starfield will let you sell contraband and stolen merchandise, and one of the first ones you can find is The Den. With that in mind, here’s exactly how you can reach The Den and start getting rid of those hot items in Starfield.

How to Find The Den In Starfield

The Den is located in the Wolf System, and it’s likely somewhere you’d never find if you’re just sticking to main missions and major side missions. It’s a pretty unremarkable space station overall, but again, the value lies in being able to offload all your contraband. This is especially useful considering The Den is fairly close to your starting point in Starfield.

Open your starmap and navigate to Alpha Centauri, which is where you find New Atlantis. Now look up and to the right for a nearby star system, which is the Wolf system. Now you can travel the Wolf and look to the left side of the system for a blue planet called Chthonia. The Den is in orbit around Chthonia. Of course, you’ll need to get close, within 500 meters, to be able to dock.

The Den is perfect for unloading all your stolen goods early on.


When you land, however, you’ll notice you aren’t scanned for contraband. This means you can sell any stolen items at the Trade Authority kiosk on the station, which has a bank of 18,000 credits. If you blow through the kiosk’s credits, you can always find a nearby chair to wait 24 hours, which will reset the credits.

Early on in your adventure, or when you start a New Game Plus, The Den will be the best place to sell stolen items. Unfortunately, there’s little else to do on The Den other than sell items.

How to Hide Contraband in Starfield

The Red Mile is the perfect place to purchase a shielded cargo hold for contraband.


While heading to The Den might be easy early on, as you explore more of the universe you’ll want to protect your contraband. The most effective way to do so is by investing in a shielded cargo hold. This doesn’t absolutely guarantee that your stolen goods won’t pop up in a scan, but it greatly boosts your chances of successfully hiding it. You can purchase a shielded cargo hold for your current ship for 15,000 credits, or find a new ship that has one installed.

The quickest location that lets you purchase a shielded cargo hold is the Porrima Star System, specifically the planet Porrima III. Head there and land at a casino called the Red Mile. At the office at the back of the casino, you’ll find Lon Anderson, who’ll let you buy new parts for your ship, including a shielded cargo hold.

Apart from that, you can also purchase the Scan Jammer from Lon which slightly bumps up your chance of items not being detected in a scan.

Finally, you can invest in the Deception skill to increase your chances even more, which is a tier-two social skill. Each level of Deception will make contraband scans 10 percent less effective.

Starfield is currently available on Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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