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Everything you need to know about Jedi: Fallen Order 2

Will the Jedi Order fall again soon?

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A short time ago during an earnings call far, far, away, EA’s CEO Andrew Wilson referred to November 2019’s Jedi: Fallen Order as the start of a franchise, suggesting follow-ups beginning with Jedi: Fallen Order 2 are on the horizon. That was the first official confirmation we received about a potential sequel, but details about the sequel allegedly began leaking in February 2020. But what do we actually know about Jedi: Fallen Order 2?

Is Jedi Fallen Order 2 confirmed?

Almost. The earnings call stated that Jedi: Fallen Order was the start of a franchise, which could mean a number of things. Perhaps there’s going to be a battle royale spin-off like how Respawn Entertainment formed Apex Legends from Titanfall 2. However, in February 2020, Kotaku reported that EA was currently developing Jedi: Fallen Order 2, lending credence to whatever comes next having similar gameplay. EA is likely to make a sequel, especially considering that Jedi: Fallen Order far surpassed their expectations in sales numbers.

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Cal Kestis vs. an Inquisitor Respawn Entertainment

It was also popular enough to warrant a May the Fourth update that included New Game Plus, a feature that Game Director Stig Asmussen once refused to add, stating it would “kind of break things.” Anything’s possible with popularity. According to another rumor, EA might even already have a release date in mind.

When is the Jedi Fallen Order 2 release date?

According to a February 2020 leak reported by the Star Wars fan blog, Bespin Bulletin, Jedi: Fallen Order 2 is currently scheduled to launch in fall 2022. No other source has corroborated the date, but nearly three years is a reasonable development time, especially considering how quickly Respawn Entertainment is capable of developing titles. The first Titanfall title was released in March 2014, and Titanfall 2 released just two years later in October 2016 without any publicly known delays.

How Jedi: Fallen Order sets up a sequel

*Major spoilers for Jedi: Fallen Order follow*

Jedi: Fallen Order concludes with Cere and Cal Kestis deciding that neither of them would be effective at rebuilding the Jedi Order, so they destroy the Holocron that contains information about where to find Force-sensitive children throughout the galaxy. “Their destiny should be trusted to the Force,” Cal says before he destroys the Holocron with his lightsaber.

The sequel could do one of a few things. Firstly, a sequel could continue the Mantis crew’s adventures. They could run into other active Jedi or Force-sensitive children, providing them a chance for redemption. Such a serendipitous event would be the will of the Force, so they surely couldn’t deny a second chance at leading a new Jedi Order.

They could also live life as mercenaries, the narrative options are endless.

When does Jedi: Fallen Order 2 take place?

Cal and BD-1Respawn Entertainment

The first title primarily took place in 14 BBY (Before the Battle of Yavin depicted in A New Hope). If Jedi: Fallen Order 2 remains in the pre-New Hope era, it might skip a little bit, perhaps to 6 BBY? Given Saw Guerra’s presence as a supporting character in the first game, that could mean he’ll return in the sequel. If he does, they can’t pass Rogue One in the timeline, which took place in 0 BBY.

What Star Wars characters might show up in Jedi: Fallen Order 2?

Jedi: Fallen Order takes place immediately before Solo. If the sequel takes place after, we could see Han Solo and Chewbacca pop up. After all, Cal is already affiliated with the Wookie population on Kashyyyk. Perhaps the game could even double as a sequel to Solo? It could even happen at the same time as Solo.

Darth Maul could appear as well, finally giving a follow-up to the partnership between him and Qi’ra implied at the end of Solo. We could also get an appearance from Kanan Jarrus from Star Wars: Rebels. It would be nice for Cal and Cere to meet another former Jedi. The galaxy is always expanding as is the potential cast list for Jedi: Fallen Order 2. While we're waiting, there's always Star Wars: Project Maverick.

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