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How to unlock the secret ending in Soul Hackers 2

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Atlus RPGs more often than not have multiple endings. Soul Hackers 2, the latest game from Atlus, is no different. The stylish cyberpunk adventure is a shorter and simpler take on the Shin Megami Tensei series, and the game’s approach to multiple endings is no different. Here is how to get every ending in Soul Hackers 2.

How many endings does Soul Hackers 2 have?

Soul Hackers 2 has two endings for players to unlock. While not as much as the variety of endings offered in previous Persona and Shin Megami Tensei games, it does give the player a bit of choice in how the game plays out. These endings are determined by a series of choices in the 24th Ward Municipal Tower, the game’s final dungeon.

Like previous games in the Shin Megami Tensei series and spinoffs, Soul Hackers 2 offers multiple endings to unlock.


For those looking to earn all the achievements Soul Hackers 2 has to offer, you will need to unlock both endings. Make sure to save often, especially in the final dungeon to make it easier to go back and experience both endings. You can also start New Game+ with your end game save file and run through the game again to explore everything before you experience both endings.

How to get the normal ending of Soul Hackers 2

Near the end of the final dungeon, right before Ringo and his friends head into a confrontation with the final boss of Soul Hackers 2, the player will encounter a series of four choices. Aion will show Ringo four holograms of characters encountered throughout the game and ask Ringo to answer “I do” or “I do not” in response to if she agrees with their choices or not. Answering “I do” grants the player Sunlight Keys while answering “I do not” grants Moonlight Keys.

Getting the true ending depends on a series of choices in the last dungeon.


Answering “I do” to any of the four choices will immediately unlock the normal ending of Soul Hackers 2. In this ending, after defeating Figue, Ringo is unable to save her, and Aion also disappears entirely. Ringo is left alone as the last being of Aion and each party member slowly returns to their normal lives having saved the world. Ringo is hopeful in this ending, waiting for the day Aion will reform and she can be reunited with Figue.

How to get the true ending of Soul Hackers 2

When confronted with every one of the four choices prior to the final boss fight, the player must answer “I do not.” This will grant Ringo four Moonlight Keys and also access to the true ending.

The fate of Figue is one of the key differences in Soul Hackers 2’s multiple endings.


Upon finishing the boss fight with Figue, the player will be offered a choice. You can either choose “Let her go” or “Reach out to her.” Choosing “Let her go” will result in the normal ending. But choosing “Reach out to her” will lead to the true ending of Soul Hackers 2.

Ringo will attempt to save Figue by Soul Hacking her as she did with every other party member in the early hours of the game. Within Figue’s dying mind the two will have a conversation and Figue will be convinced to return to the world. Aion also remains intact, and the party begins to return to the normal lives they lead but now with Ringo and Figue continuing their lives in the human world together.

Soul Hackers 2 is available now for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series consoles, and PC.

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