Pyra and Mythra from Xenoblade Chronicles 2 are coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. This is everything you need to know about them.

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'Smash Ultimate' Pyra and Mythra release date, moveset, and Challenger Pack 9

'Xenoblade Chronicles 2' character Pyra and Mythra are getting added to 'Super Smash Bros. Ultimate'. This is everything we know about them.

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Pyra and Mythra look like a force to be reckoned with. During a March 4 livestream event, Nintendo confirmed when the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 heroines will officially join Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, showed off the pair's moveset and new Mii Fighter costumes, and revealed more additions coming with Challenger Pack 9.

This is everything you need to know about the arrival of these two Legendary Aegis Blades in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

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When is the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Pyra and Mythra release date?

At the end of his presentation, Masahiro Sakurai confirmed that Pyra and Mythra will be available today, March 4, 2021. This isn't too surprising, as fighters have gotten released the day of their presentation before, but fans should be happy that they don't have to wait too long.

Even though this is a two-in-one character, that thankfully doesn't impact the price at all. When they launch later today, Pyra and Mythra will be part of Fighter Pass 2, which costs $29.99 or are available on their own for $5.99.

What comes alongside Pyra and Mythra in Challenger Pack 9?

Challenger Pack 9 primarily adds Pyra and Mythra to the game, but it does include a few more goodies. There is a brand new Xenoblade Chronicles 2 themed stage: Cloud Sea of Alrest. It takes place on the back of Azurda, a creature that Xenoblade Chronicles 2 players might know better as Gramps.

The stage is filled with references to Pyra and Mythra's game of origin, as Titans and other characters from it will appear in the stage's background. A brand new Spirit Board will feature Xenoblade Chronicles 2 characters as well. The other major part of Challenger Pack 9 is the 16 new songs that players can hear on Guar Plains or Cloud Sea of Alrest:

  • Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Medley (New Arrangement)
  • Argentum
  • A Ship in a Stormy Sea
  • Exploration
  • Crossing Swords
  • Incoming!
  • Gormott
  • Tiger! Tiger! (New Arrangement)
  • Death Match with Torna
  • Counterattack (New Arrangement)
  • You Will Recall Our Names
  • Driver Vs
  • Mor Ardain - Roaming the Wastes -
  • Bringer of Chaos! Ultimate
  • Praetor Amalthus - The Acting God -
  • Battle!!/Torna

While it's not directly connected to Challenger Pack 9, several new Capcom themed costumes will also be available starting today. Players will be able to customize Mii Swordfighter with Hunter Equipment, Rathalos Equipment, and a Felyne Hat from Monster Hunter in anticipation of Monster Hunter Rise.

Meanwhile, Arthur from the recently released and enjoyably old-school Ghost 'n Goblins Resurrection will also get a Mii Swordfighter costume. These will also be available for $0.75 each.

What is Pyra and Mythra's moveset in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?

Pyra and Mythra have just as robust and reference-heavy of a moveset as any other Super Smash Bros. Ultimate character. That said, their gimmick is that players can Switch between Pyra and Mythra at any time with the Down Special Swap. Pyra is focused on being powerful, while Mythra is quite fast.

Their basic attacks are mostly the same, with the only big differences being power and speed. The presentation unveiling the pair goes into all of the small differences between the two. Pyra's special moves start with Flame Nova, her neutral special, which spins her Sword in a circle, hitting everything around her.

Blazing End is her side special and is a projectile as Pyra tosses her Blade towards her enemy. Finally, Pyra's up special is Prominence Revolt, which causes Pyra to jump into the air before crashing into the ground and creating a pillar of fire. Her Final Smash is Burning Sword, where she works with Rex for a large attack.

Meanwhile, Mythra has a Foresight ability that will reduce damage taken if Mythra dodges at the right time. When it comes to special moves, Lightning Buster will cause Mythra to strike enemies with her sword multiple times and can be charged to extend reach. Mythra's side special is Photon Edge, which teleports her forward with each slash.

Mythra's up Ray of Punishment/Chroma Dust special is great for recovery as she jumps high into the air and shoots arrows down towards the enemy. Her final smash is Sacred Arrow, where she works with Rex to summon a flurry of meteors down of the stage.

They certainly seem to be a dynamic pair, with one of them almost always being useful in any situation players might find themselves in. As such, it will be exciting to see how they impact the game's meta when they release later today.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is available on Nintendo Switch.

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