Smash Ultimate Steve release date and moveset for the Minecraft fighter

Say hello to the first third-party addition of Fighters Pass 2.

Steve from Minecraft is coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate along with three other character skins from the sandbox adventure game on October 13.

Game Director Masahiro Sakurai announced Thursday that Steve would become the 77th fighter in Nintendo's fighting franchise as part of the game's DLC Fighters Pass 2. The company hosted another live stream on October 3 where Sakurai gave fans a more in depth look at the first Minecraft representative to be added to Smash Ultimate.

Watch the full character reveal below:

Steve has been rumored as a potential addition to Smash Ultimate since 2018, and Minecraft's overwhelming popularity is sure to make the addition a favorite among many players.

Aside from the character reveal and release date, Sakurai teased very little about Steve's abilities and playstyle in Smash Ultimate. He did note that the DLC fighter has "a lot of elements [that] are completely different from our previous fighters."

Nintendo will most likely release a more in-depth video of Steve's full move set on the day of his release. Until then, here's everything we know about the next Smash Ultimate fighter so far.

When is Minecraft Steve's Super Smash Bros. Ultimate release date?

Steve will join the Smash Bros. roster on October 13, exactly a 13 days after his reveal. Fans will also receive a more detailed rundown of the Minecraft character's Smash Ultimate move set that day as well.

'Minecraft' Steve joins 'Smash Ultimate' along with three other skins from the sandbox adventure.


What other skins will Minecraft Steve come with?

Much like Hero from the Dragon Quest franchise that was added to Smash Ultimate in 2019, it appears that Steve will come with three distinct skins: Alex, Zombie, and Enderman.

While these are four separate characters in the Minecraft franchise they'll act as the same character in Smash Ultimate. Players will get to choose which of the four they want to fight as before a round starts, but regardless of who they pick their move set appears to remain the same.

What makes Minecraft Steve a unique fighter in Smash Bros. Ultimate?

Sakurai explicitly stated that Steve will be very different from the rest of the Smash Ultimate cast but didn't explain how exactly. The trailer for the fighter teased a few mechanics that looked unlike anything any other Smash Ultimate character is capable of.

Steve appears to have the ability to conjure an undefined number blocks and build structures during a round of Smash Ultimate. During the character's teaser trailer, Steve was also able to create blocks that appear to be different materials (like wood, stone, and dirt). The character's core mechanic seems to be that they'll be able to physically change the stage and trap their opponents or keeping them from getting back on stage.

Steve's core mechanic seems to be the ability to spawn boxes and change stages to trap opponents.


Steve appears to also be able to move and use his grounded attack at the same time, as if he were swinging his pick in Minecraft. Min Min was the first character that could do this, but Steve's pick move also has the ability to quickly break the blocks he builds on stage.

Aside from these core mechanics, Steve's Up-Special appeared to let him grow wings and glide for a short time and the character was also seen being able to spawn a block of TNT which can be detonated to deal massive damage.

There are still a lot of questions about exactly how Minecraft Steve will work in Smash Ultimate. Gamers will need to wait until his release date to get a better understanding of his skills and play style.

Minecraft Steve will be added to Smash Ultimate on October 13.

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