'Smash Ultimate': New DLC Character "the Hero" Gameplay and Release Date 

A new foe approaches!


Nintendo welcomed the first Dragon Quest fighter to the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster Tuesday. During its E3 2019 Nintendo Direct, the Japanese gaming giant teased that an unnamed swordsman, only known as “the Hero,” would be the third DLC character available for purchase, after the recent addition of Joker from the Persona 5 RPG series.

A few concrete details were announced about the Hero, but we’ll likely have to wait until the following Direct for a full release and breakdown. For now, Nintendo has given fans a glimpse of his skill set, revealed his various skins, and dropped a vague release date.

The Hero was created by Japanese video game developer Square Enix and will be available for download on the Switch very soon. Here’s everything we learned about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s ever-growing roster from Tuesday’s Direct.

The Hero: Release Date and How to Get Him

The Hero will hit Switches worldwide in “Summer 2019,” so expect some more Super Smash Bros. Ultimate news in August, at the latest.

Players who have purchased the $24.99 Fighters Pass will be able to download the Hero as soon as he’s released. The fighter will also be available for individual purchase of $5.99 upon release and will include his four skins, new maps, and music — like the previous Joker DLC.



The Hero: New Mechanics

The Hero will play like a spellcasting swordsman, almost like Robin, but with multiple, unique mechanics. He’ll have an MP bar that will allow him to cast a list of four spells players will need to choose from in the heat of battle.

His spell arsenal includes: Sizzle, Psyche Up, Oomph, and Snooze. Each will cost a certain amount of MP and cause specific effects. Snooze, for example, will be a long-range version of Jigglypuff’s Sing ability and put enemies to sleep if they come in contact with its hitbox.



The Hero: Skillset

Nintendo also offers a few hints at what the Hero’s kit could be like. Here’s a list of the handful of skills showed off at Direct:

  • Bounce: Looks to be a long-lasting counter ability that reflects all projectiles back to enemies.
  • Kacrackle Slash: Seems to be a special ability that freezes enemies that come into contact with the Hero’s sword, like a variant of Lucas’ PK Freeze.
  • Kaclang: Looks like another special ability that encases the Hero’s body in metal and keeps him from taking any knock back at the expense of rendering him immobile
  • Zoom: Will shoot The Hero straight into the air after a short moment and will likely be his recovery tool.
  • Kamikazee: Looks like another counter ability that releases a huge explosion around the Hero if he’s attacked when the skill is used.
  • Final Smash: The Hero’s Ultimate ability will be a left or right swing of his sword that will call upon more Dragon Quest to decimate whoever the attack hit.

Expect a full skill set reveal and official release date for the Hero in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate before August is up.

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