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Smash Ultimate Min Min release date and moveset for the ARMS fighter

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Game Director Masahiro Sakurai announced Monday that the ARMS fighter joining the fray would be none other than Min Min. The spring-armed brawler from Nintendo’s quirky boxing game will be the first fighter to be included in Smash Ultimate’s Fighter Pass 2, and she's the sixth DLC character to be added since the game’s release in December 2018.

When is Min Min's Super Smash Bros Ultimate release date?

Min Min will join the Smash Bros. roster on June 29, exactly a week after her initial reveal.

What makes Min Min a unique fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?

Min Min will be the first playable representative from the ARMS series in Smash Ultimate and will have one of the most unique movesets out of all 76 fighters. She’ll be able to extend her elastic limbs to cover most of the stage in almost any situation, but Min Min comes with one defining feature that truly sets her apart from the rest of the roster.

“There’s one big difference that separates Min Min from the other fighters,” said Sakurai. “The B Button isn’t just a special move like normal ... The A and B Buttons control the left and right arms, respectively.

The new character can swap between the weapons she has equipped on each arm depending on if she wants to secure a knockout, build up damage, or keep her opponents from getting back on stage. Her kit revolves around fighting enemies on the ground and keeping her distance with her extendo-knuckles.

Here’s a complete breakdown of all of Min Min’s moves we saw during Monday’s Smash Ultimate presentation.

Min Min’s Tilt and Smash Attacks

By slightly holding and releasing either the A or B button Min Min will lunge her arms forward. Players can continuously press both buttons to throw out a flurry of long-ranged punches that cover a majority of the stage, but leave Min Min vulnerable if her opponents are able to jump over them and close the distance.

Players can charge up these attacks by holding A or B along and a tilting the joystick to the left or right will unleash more powerful Smash Attacks that extend further and can be angled up or down. Min Min also has the ability to throw out these powerful moves while she’s in the air, something that’s impossible for any other character.

Players have control of both of Min Min's arms.

This allows Min Min to punish opponents that want to jump to close the distance between them and her. Use of mix of grounded and aerial Tilt and Smash attacks to keep enemies at ... ARMS length.

Down and Up Specials

Even though Min Min’s kit uses the B Button to control her right arm, she still has access to two special moves.

Down Special: ARMS Change

Holding B and downward on the joystick will let players cycle between three knuckle weapons Min Min can equip on her right arm.

  • Ring Ramram: This circular blade covers the most space out of all three weapons and should be used for poke damage, creating space, or trying to gimp your opponents off the stage.
  • Megawatt: This wrecking ball is the Min Min’s go-to move to clean up stocks. It’s the slowest out of all three but has the potential to kill as early as 40 to 50 percent when it’s fully charged.
  • Dragon: Her third weapon is a middle ground between and offers a lot of range but still packs a punch. Min Min has another Dragon permanently equipped on her left arm, it’s the only weapon she can dual-wield.

Megawatt will be Min Min's best K.O. option.


Min Min’s neutral aerial (A Button in midair) changes depending on which of her three weapons she’s wielding. She’ll swing them in a circle around her, Megawatt will be the slowest-but-strongest variant and the Ring Ramram will come out quicker but deal less damage.

Up Special: ARMS Jump

Pressing the B Button and Up on the joystick when Min Min is on the ground propels her upwards, holding down this input will send her higher. This can be used to quickly get out of a dicey situation.

When Min Min is in the air, her Up Special becomes a tether grab that will latch her onto the stage, much like Byleth’s Up Special.

Other Aerials and Smash Attacks

Min Min also has access to a handful of kick moves that make up the rest of her kit.

Rapid Jab (Quickly tap the A Button): By repeatedly tapping the A button, Min Min will pepper her opponents with quick kicks.

Up Tilt (A Button + slightly hold up on the joystick): Min Min lets out a quick somersault kick.

Up Aerial (A Button + hold up while in midair): An airborne version of her Up Tilt that can be used to juggle opponents.

Up Smash (A Button + hold up on the joystick): A more powerful version of her Up Tilt that will K.O. opponents off the top. It can also reflect incoming projectiles if timed correctly, like Ness’s Forward Smash.

Min Min joins the 'Smash Ultimate.'


Down Smash (A Button + hold down): Min Min drops down in a split and kicks her opponents on either side.

Dash Attack (Run and press the A Button): Min Min lunges forward with a jumping kick.

Down Tilt (A Button + slightly hold down): This slides Min Min in the direction players are facing and is a good combo starter.

Down Aerial (A Button + hold down while in midair): Min Min will shoot dowards with a diving kick. This can be used offensively or to quickly get back on stage if you’re at a disadvantage.

Final Smash

Min Min’s Final Smash is called ARMS Rush and it delivers a powerful left hook that obliterates opponents if it connects.

Once the move connects, it will take Min Min’s enemy into a cinematic where they get pummeled by most of the cast of ARMS and Min Min will finish it off with a final laser blast from her Dragon fist weapon.

Min Min will be released on June 29.

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