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SCUF H1 wired gaming headset is a stylish way to level-up audio

One of the most stylish, customizable headsets ever.

At least three times while unboxing my SCUF H1 gaming headset, I said "Oooh!" aloud. Much like with the somewhat niche EXO SCUF gaming cushion, there's an exhaustive amount of mindfulness given to the way that SCUF crafts products like this.

Announced Wednesday by SCUF Gaming, the SCUF H1 is a high-end wired gaming headset that takes aim at style-minded competitive gamers with a $129.99 price tag. To hear the world of Cyberpunk 2077 with the SCUF H1 headset pumping the sounds of Night City into my ears via my PlayStation 5's DualSense controller feels truly surreal.

Even the little piece of rubber that binds the wire together can be unpinched and reused for just about anything. The outer panels on the speaker tags are magnetized little cosmetic plates. The default on my pair is a celestial view of outer space with bright stars and smoky purple galaxies. I instead opted for the thin orange hexagons.

My personal pair looks exactly like this, and I love the crisp orange accents.

SCUF Gaming

SCUF is normally known for high-end video game console controllers that have the patented rear bumper paddles. But after Corsair acquired SCUF a year ago, we're finally now seeing the fruits of that union. The H1 is "SCUF's version of the award-winning Corsair Virtuoso headset." Because it's wired, the H1 also winds up being more budget-friendly, and that makes it just different enough.

The SCUF H1 makes for a convincing everyday headset for everyday work and for gaming. And it's stylish enough that my roommate complimented me within minutes of me putting them on.

What's great about the SCUF H1 gaming headset

  • Hassle-free, top-notch audio with lightweight comfort
  • Interchangeable plates for the speaker tags and microphone
  • Compatible with almost anything

At first, my floppy ears didn't fit comfortably inside these headphones, but over time they did. Memory foam earpads really do the trick here. Lightweight frames and adjustable fit enhance the comfort level even further.

The speakers offer precision-tuned 50mm high-density neodymium speaker drivers, making it easy to hear enemy footsteps in-game. But even for jamming out to music or talking with colleagues over Zoom, the SCUF H1 feels like an upgrade for both input and output.

Similar to SCUF's other products, which often include front faceplates, analog sticks, and rear bumper paddles that snap on and off easily, the H1 headset offers optional customization for your microphone and the plates on the outside of the speakers. The outer plates pop on or off with four magnets that feel just strong enough. If you ever get bored with the look of these headphones, it's easy to get new panels. The same could be said for the microphones, which look the same as the Corsair Virtuoso's that plug in with a mini USB.

The 3.5mm headphone port means you can plug these bad boys into anything: your laptop, PS5 DualSense controller, Xbox Series X controller, and yes, any SCUF controller.

If too many choices makes you freeze, this will be a challenge.

SCUF Gaming

What's not so great about the SCUF H1 gaming headset

  • Your head might get hot over many hours
  • Wireless would be better for slightly more casual gamers
  • There are no premade designs, and additions can rack up quickly

I'm a literally hot-headed person, so wearing over-ear headphones for everyday listening may look really cool, but it isn't physically viable. But we're talking about an eight- to nine-hour workday here and not just a few hours of gaming, so it's forgivable.

Wired headsets are preferable for competitive gamers because they offer zero latency, meaning that audio will hit your ears a split second faster than they might with a wireless headset. When the SCUF H1 is plugged directly into the controller in your hands, it hardly makes a difference, but a wireless alternative might be welcome if the price point were similar.

This can hardly be considered a negative, but there isn't actually a way to select a premade design. Purchasing a SCUF H1 requires that you go through the customization process. Plain speaker tags are free, but tricking it out with more custom designs can add up quickly, especially if you opt for upgrading the ear cushions and microphone. So on the upper end, an H1 could cost up to $171.95. But when they can look like moons, isn't it worth it?

I'm personally very partial to this white Moon look.

SCUF Gaming

SCUF H1 gaming headset is perfect for competitive gamers who want their headphones to look good for a reasonable price. Starting at $129.99, it's available to configure and purchase directly from SCUF.

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