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Sit with a vengeance in this The Batman gaming chair

Sophisticated Gamer

DXRacer Craft Series made me a gaming chair believer

This thing’s awesome.


9 cool AF gaming gadgets I can’t live without

I learned a lot about gaming better in 2021.


Audeze Mobius 3D headphones are so good you’ll cry

Better, more immersive audio can seriously let you feel the music or game audio.

Sophisicated Gamer

CLX Horus is the perfect gateway to PC gaming

Building your rig feels like a game.

Sophisticated Gamer

SCUF's Instinct Xbox controller almost beats the DualSense

The Instinct is SCUF’s greatest controller yet, elevating the base Xbox Series X hardware to heights that rival even the PS5 DualSense.

Sophisticated Techie

Take your home theater to the next level with 1 luxe upgrade

BenQ's HT3550i can’t quite replace your TV, but it can make for amazing outdoor movie nights.

Sophisticated Techie

Infinity Game Table has the same disruptive potential as the Kindle

Digitize an entire library of board games on a touch-screen table from Arcade1Up.


SteelSeries' new gaming headset offers pro quality at a reasonable price

Our Arctis Prime review.

Sophisticated Techie

5 best PS5 DualSense charging stations

Stay charged.

Sophisticated Techie

These Adidas fitness headphones can do everything

The fitness-forward RPT-01 Bluetooth headphones maintain high-quality sound.

Sophisticated Gamer

This genius gadget solves the Nintendo Switch's most annoying audio problem

A little luxury you never knew you needed.

Sophisticated Gamer

Ring Fit Adventure is the greatest fitness video game ever

Pokémon, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Super Mario mechanics with a wry sense of humor.

Sophisticated Gamer

WhirlwindFX compact Atom gaming keyboard beats the competition in 1 crucial area

The Atom is an ideal alternative to WhirlwindFX's less-mobile Element with impressive software.

Sophisticated Gamer

Shadow Boost cloud gaming makes Google Stadia look like a total joke

Now this is cloud gaming.

Sophisticated Gamer

FitXR dance classes on Oculus prove virtual reality fitness really works

Show off your moves.

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7 best Cult of the Lamb tarot cards to pick on your next run

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Star Wars, Marvel, and more to expect from the first-ever Disney games showcase

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Where to find Dragon Ball Capsule Corp locations in Fortnite

Open capsules to acquire Kamehameha and Nimbus Cloud.


10 years later, the Nintendo Wii's most underrated RPG is due for a remake

Quite a swan song.


After Nintendo, Reggie Fils-Aimé wants gamers to give the metaverse a chance

Don’t be a cynic.


4 years later, the most ambitious superhero game ever just reached its full potential

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New South Park game could take inspiration from the series’ first episode