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How to complete the secret Outriders quest, Forgotten Chapel

There is only one secret quest in all of Outriders.

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Outriders only has one secret side quest.

While this sci-fi role-playing game usually makes its quests very clear so they work just as well in multiplayer as they do in single-player, People Can Fly and Square Enix did hide one secret quest in Outriders. Titled “Forgotten Chapel,” this intriguing quest is still required if you want to Platinum the game, or get every achievement possible.

For those of you interested in the biggest secret of this spring’s biggest game, this is how you locate and complete Forgotten Chapel in Outriders.

Step 1: Reach the Canyon of the Grand Obelisk

Towards the end of Outriders, your group ventures into the deserts on Enoch as they are tracking the source of a mysterious signal. Eventually, you’ll unlock a region called the Canyon of the Grand Obelisk, and this is where you need to be for the Forgotten Chapel quest. For those that have beaten the game, this location is sandwiched between Desolate Fort and Pax City.

The Forgotten Chapel quest is located in the Canyon of the Grand Obelisk region.


Step 2: Activate the three pillars

Unlike other quests, you don’t need to speak with anyone to start Forgotten Chapel. Instead, you need to interact with three pillars in the Canyon of the Grand Obelisk. Thankfully, none of these are surrounded by unique sets of enemies, and its setup makes this quest easy to complete as you’re traveling through the region for the first time.

The first one is located directly to your left as you leave base camp and move into the Canyon Entrance area of this region. Go down the path to your left instead of walking up the stairs initially, and you’ll come across a pillar that your character can interact with. Once you do, your character will put their hand on the pillar and it will then sink into the ground.

Now, it’s time to go find the other two pillars. The second one is also in the Canyon Entrance area. Continue going up the stairs, and you’ll eventually see a path to your right near a gate. Walk down this path, find the second pillar, and activate it.

The final pillar is located in the back of The Monolith area in this region. Once you complete all of the required story missions in this area, simply go up the staircase in the back of the Monolith’s temple and you’ll find the third pillar. Interact with it and you’ll finally get the Forgotten Chapel quest.

Step 3: Go to the Forgotten Chapel and Collect your loot

Set the Forgotten Chapel as your primary quest in the Quest Map and follow its objective marker. It should bring you to a door in the Cliffside Path area of this region. As you’ve interacted with the pillar, symbols have actually appeared on this door. Now that you’ve interacted with all three pillars, you can open this door

Go inside and you’ll find a chest with a Legendary weapon. Inverse got “The Iceberg,” a Bolt Action Rifle with the mods Winter Blast (critical shots inflict freeze on enemies) and Ice Breaker (killing shot against frozen enemies make them explode). That would be a great weapon for a Technomancer, though you may get a different weapon when you complete this quest.

Still, this is probably the easiest Legendary weapon you can get in the game if you already plan to complete the story. Don’t pass this up, though you can also go back to it if you miss it.

Outriders is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Google Stadia.

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