Here's exactly when to watch April’s Nintendo Indie World Showcase — and what to expect

Hollow Knight, please?

In true Nintendo fashion, the company announced the latest Direct-style presentation within 24 hours of when it’s set to take place.

Official Nintendo social media accounts shared information about an upcoming Indie World Showcase, promising info about “fresh and new indie games” coming to the Nintendo Switch. December’s showcase included details about Spelunky ports and, most notable, the surprise release of Among Us on the Switch. So it’s safe to say this new presentation is worth paying attention to. Could we get ... Fall Guys on Switch?

If you're wondering when and where you should tune into this Indie World showcase, as well as what we can expect from it, then keep reading.

When is the April 2021 Nintendo Indie World Showcase start time?


Nintendo has made this one loud and clear. This next Indie World Showcase will begin on April 14, 2021 at 12 p.m. Eastern. Just like December’s presentation, this is smack dab in the middle of the day (if you’re on the east coast of the United States, anyway) — except this time around, it falls on a Wednesday instead of a Tuesday.

Where can you watch the April 2021 Nintendo Indie World Showcase?

Again, Nintendo really delivers on making this one easy. The livestream is viewable at, but it’s all but certain that it’ll also appear on YouTube and potentially Twitter as well, especially after it’s aired live. Best of all? You can watch it at the above video embed.

Nintendo also always releases the showcase video on YouTube after it concludes airing live, but it also typically uploads individual game trailers featured in the showcase.

What to expect from the April 2021 Nintendo Indie World showcase

Nintendo has not revealed specific games that will be featured in the event, but we can expect roughly 20 minutes of footage all “focused on fresh and new indies coming to Nintendo Switch.” That’s pretty similar to what we got from the December 2020 presentation.

The “fresh and new” language suggests these will be Switch-exclusive games or ports that haven’t been previously announced. It also indicates we won’t see anything related to first-party Nintendo franchises like Zelda, Metroid, or Mario.

The December showcase did focus somewhat on Spelunky and Spelunky 2. At the time, Nintendo confirmed a summer 2021 launch window, so it’s possible we might get a firmer release date at this point. Similarly, Happy Game, Fisti-Fluffs, Tunche, and Alba: A Wildlife Adventure were all featured in December for spring 2021 release dates, yet they have not been released. It seems likely that one or all of these might be showcased a bit and then released the very day of the presentation.

Previous indie presentations showcased games like Hades and A Short Hike, so there could be plenty of exciting announcements that could happen here. Hollow Knight: Silksong would make for a pretty exciting — and totally possible — addition.

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