MultiVersus mods: Link and 6 more characters you can add now

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Warner Bros.

When Warner Bros.'s new fighting game was first revealed, it looked like a mediocre smash clone with the company's roster of characters from film and television. Other publishers like Sony had tried this before with little success, but with the open beta in full swing MultiVersus is shaping up to be a worthy contender to Smash Bros. The ability to play the game on almost all major platforms is a nice change from the Nintendo-exclusive fighting franchise, and with the game on PC, the inevitable mods have started rolling in. Here are the best modded characters to spice up MultiVersus.

How do you mod MultiVersus?

If you have never modded a game before then you might be worried about messing with your game files. Don’t worry though, modding is actually quite simple and can be reversed if you decide you don’t want to use the mods anymore. . For MultiVersus the best place to find all the mods in this article is at Most character mods are just reskinned versions of the actual character, using their move set.

  • Once you download the mod, you need to place it into the game files.
  • You can find the MultiVersus files by right-clicking the title in Steam and clicking Manage, then Browse local files.
  • Navigate to the Content folder and then the Paks folder within it. Create a new folder called ‘Mods’ within Paks.
  • Then all you need to do is drag your downloaded mods into the new Mods folder, and you are good to go!

7. Link


Using Wonder Woman as a base for Hyrule’s greatest warrior is a bit of a no-brainer. The sword and shield move set of the Amazon princess translates perfectly to Link. His inclusion in the game also makes it feel like playing the non-Nintendo Smash clone we all want.

6. Futaba


The adorable glasses-wearing girl that captured the hearts of Persona fans can now kick Batman’s ass thanks to this mod. It reskins Velma to be the Phantom Thieves’ trusty Navigator.

5. EVA Unit-01


A big robot is always a great character to have in a fighting game. Who doesn’t want to pummel their enemies in a mech? Iron Giant has several mods that transform him into characters across media, but the EVA Unit-01 mod is one of the best looking out there. No wonder Apex Legends had the same idea when it came to the battle royale’s Gaiden event.

4. Homelander


What if Superman but bad is a question media has explored quite a bit in recent years. So, it was natural modders would make quick work of transforming the man of steel into one of his dark reflections. This Homelander mod feels more apt for a fighting game than the actual Superman, as The Boys’ sadistic hero would revel in beating the crap out of everyone in the game.

3. Waluigi


One of the greatest travesties Nintendo has continued to commit is the exclusion of Waluigi from Smash Bros. Let him fight, cowards! MultiVersus modders have taken the game as an opportunity to rectify this problem by replacing Shaggy with Nintendo’s mustachioed menace.

2. Cuphead

Studio MDHR

Based on old cartoons, Cuphead has a striking art style unlike any other game. MultiVersus modders have chosen Bugs Bunny as the base character for Cuphead, probably because of the character's wild cartoon antics and history.

1. Cloud Strife

Square Enix

Modder WistfulHopes has gone one step further than all the other mods on this list with her work on putting Cloud Strife into MultiVersus. While most mods for the game so far are just new skins over existing characters, the Cloud mod looks to make the Ex-SOLDIER a fully-fledged character of his own. WistfulHopes has not made the mod available to the public yet but is documenting her progress on it, including creating Cloud’s Smash Bros. move set in the mod. When this is released to the public it will just be another step in making MultiVersus the Smash Bros. clone fans want.

The MultiVersus open beta is available now for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series consoles, and PC.

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