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6 Captain America skills you should unlock right away in Marvel’s Avengers

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Yes, Captain America is a playable character in Marvel's Avengers despite his widely reported death very early in the story campaign. He at the very least appears as a prominent part of the game's multiplayer experience, so you'll be less familiar with his abilities when you start playing as him in this "Avengers Initiative" mode.

If you're a bit lost as you start your Captain America build, these are the six skills every Captain America player in Marvel's Avengers should unlock as soon as they can.

Captain America lacks the traversal or "Hero Gate" related skills of other characters, but he's a powerhouse once he gets in a fight. Specifically, Captain America's shield actually gives him a lot of range and is part of many of the most satisfying combos in Marvel's Avengers.

With the following six abilities, your Captain America will be able to turn the tide of a fight with his shield alone thanks to a lot of helpful throwing and blocking abilities. We also highlight a great skill that can give a healing buff, which will be vital when Marvel's Avengers fights get more challenging at higher levels.

6. Commander's Parry

The Commander's Parry ability is a solid resource to have if you plan on using Captain America's shield to block attacks often (which you should). "Press Square while blocking with Shield Block to Parry an incoming attack with a quick shield dash, followed up by a powerful spinning shield strike," the ability's description reads.

In addition to being a useful damaging attack, this ability will also grant the "Captain's Charge" buff. This makes Captain America's next attack 10 percent more powerful, which can give players the edge that they need to take down a tough foe. It's not a mindblowing ability by any means, but is still a great way to flesh out Captain America's defensive move set.

5. Shield Kick

Every Captain America should have a fleshed-out Richochet Throw unlocked ASAP, as it allows you to throw his shield to hit multiple targets. While increasing the number of targets that can hit is helpful, the Shield Kick gives Captain America a move to end that shield combo with. By simply pressing R2 as the shield returns to Cap, you can kick it back out towards any enemies still standing, and it'll ricochet off several of them.

Captain America is surprisingly great at crowd control, and abilities like Shield Kick make his ranged shield attack all the more useful. Patriot's Throw is another similar ability for those that don't find themselves liking Shield Kick, but they serve a similar purpose.

4. Mirror Shield

Blocking is a pivotal part of playing as Captain America, and Mirror Shield allows players to counter some of the game's most annoying enemies. "Blocking with Shield Block reflects incoming beam attacks to the locked on target or reticle," the official description states.

One of the most annoying parts of Marvel's Avengers is getting hit by a beam attack from offscreen that you didn't even see, and the game doesn't give the player many ways to counter that. While it obviously drains the intrinsic energy that allows players to block with the shield, it can help players attack and take down some of those more annoying ranged enemies.

Captain America is one of six playable characters in Marvel's Avengers at launch.

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3. Trick Shot

This one is really fun to use and amazing for crowd control. With Trick Shot unlocked, Captain America's Steamroller ability, which functions as a Heroic ability shield throw, can hit up to eight enemies. It's super satisfying to walk in a room and take down every weak enemy in there in one fell swoop, and Trick Shot is the key to doing that.

Just be wary that Captain America can't use some heavy attacks and some takedown animations won't look right if the shield is out of his hands.

2. Strong Willed

Most characters outside of Ms. Marvel and Hulk aren't that great at healing, so any ability that can give players an edge in that department is helpful. Strong Willed enhances Brooklyn Brawler, which is Captain America's ultimate ability that gives him a boost to his attack.

"Triggering Brooklyn Brawler instantly restores 25 percent of willpower," the description reads. "Dealing damage while the ability is active will also restore a small amount of willpower." With this skill equipped, Brooklyn Brawler becomes a vital skill in tougher fights as it not only buffs Captain America's attack but heals him as well.

1. Unwavering Defense

Unwavering Defense is another ability that makes Brooklyn Brawler an even better Ultimate. That's because it allows players to block any attack they want as soon as Brooklyn Brawler is active. Typically, stronger enemies have moves that are impossible for any hero to block, but this ability lets Cap block them if his ultimate is active.

If a specific enemy is giving you trouble, try equipping these abilities and you'll see just how fun and useful Captain America can be.

Marvel's Avengers is available now for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Google Stadia.

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