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3 crucial reasons to play Marvel's Avengers multiplayer before the story

Smash first. Ask questions later.

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When you first open Marvel’s Avengers, you’re told to step right into the campaign as Kamala Khan to team up with Bruce Banner to reunite the Avengers and defeat A.I.M.

Don’t do that.

There are three crucial reasons why it'll benefit you, in the long run, to spend at least a little bit of time in the multiplayer mode first.

3. Unlock Challenge Cards

Challenge Cards are the battle passes of Marvel’s Avengers. Using Challenge Cards, you can complete specific challenges for each character like “Defeat X enemy 33 times using Y ability.” Each completed challenge will progress your card a little, gradually unlocking new cosmetics, takedowns, credits, and more for that specific character.

There are daily and weekly challenges that update every day and week, and because you can complete these challenges passively as you’re making your way through the campaign, there's really no reason not to at least boot up multiplayer first.

Thor, god of thunder.

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If you don’t open multiplayer first, you’ll still unlock challenge cards around the campaign’s halfway point. However, your actions only count towards challenges completion once you’ve unlocked the card, meaning hours of your hard work might go completely unrewarded. Who wants that?

2. Pick Up Missions

There are two factions in multiplayer: one for Inhumans and another for SHIELD. Both factions have physical vendors available that you can level up. The more you can level the factions up, the better the wares sold by the associated vendors.

Factions are leveled up by completing daily missions associated with the respective faction. You can pick up these missions from their representatives, who are located in outposts like the Chimera Helicarrier. Like with Challenge Cards, you can enter multiplayer to accept these missions and then work towards completing them as part of your campaign playthrough.

3. Consider Griding for Better Gear Early

The gear rewards in multiplayer tend to be much better than in the campaign, so if you find yourself stuck at any point, then consider a bit of grinding in multiplayer. This will let you play through the campaign a bit stronger than you would otherwise be, making higher difficulties feasible sooner. Alternatively, the higher-level gear should be just the thing you need to win against that horribly tough boss.

Hulk in single player, after playing multiplayer

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The Downside to Starting Multiplayer First

While starting multiplayer immediately will help you immensely in-game, there is a downside: When you start multiplayer, there will be some pretty significant spoilers for the campaign in terms of who joins the Avengers throughout the course of their journey, how the Chimera looks after the story mode is complete, and more. Perhaps the biggest spoiler is that it’ll reveal how certain characters change throughout the course of the campaign. Some dialogue lines will reference events or people that they probably shouldn't — so be forewarned.

If you want to avoid this, while still getting the boon of entering multiplayer, muting your TV and turning off subtitles while in multiplayer is probably a good idea. These spoilers won’t ruin the story outright — especially when some of the bigger twists are a bit predictable — but they will give you enough major hints that you'll easily be able to decipher some of these plot points.

How much are you willing to admit for the sake of efficient progress?

Marvel’s Avengers will be released on September 4, 2020.

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