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One feral Marvel Snap Zabu deck is the key to dominating the Savage Land

Reduce the Cost of your 4-Energy cards.

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Marvel Snap Zabu

The new Savage Land season of Marvel Snap is live, and it focuses on unleashing your inner beast. As part of Savage Land, the game has introduced Zabu, a card featuring the semi-popular sabretooth tiger from the comics. When mixed into the right deck, Zabu is invaluable and can easily catch your opponents off guard thanks to its unique ability. But how does Zabu work, which cards are the best alongside it, and what are some strategies to ensure victory? Here’s the best Zabu Marvel Snap deck and how to use it.

Marvel Snap Zabu deck card list

As always, we’ve got a list of recommended cards to use alongside Zabu. Keep in mind, there’s plenty of room for experimentation here, so feel free to swap out other cards based on what you’ve unlocked so far.

Ongoing: Your 4-Cost cards cost 2 less.


The best Zabu deck is as follows:

  • Sunspot: 1 Energy, 1 Power
  • Adam Warlock: 2 Energy, 0 Power
  • Armor: 2 Energy, 3 Power
  • Zabu: 3 Energy, 2 Power
  • Cosmo: 3 Energy, 3 Power
  • Jubilee: 4 Energy, 1 Power
  • Moon Girl: 4 Energy, 4 Power
  • Omega Red: 4 Energy, 5 Power
  • Warpath: 4 Energy, 5 Power
  • Typhoid Mary: 4 Energy, 10 Power
  • Devil Dinosaur: 5 Energy, 3 Power
  • America Chavez: 6 Energy, 9 Power

Since Zabu reduces the Cost of your 4-Cost cards by 2, you’ll want to keep this in mind when building the deck. Having plenty of 4-Cost cards will certainly serve you well in this case. If you don’t have Adam Warlock, Omega Red, and Typhoid Mary, you can swap for Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Spider-Man, Crystal, and/or Miles Morales.

How to use the Marvel Snap Zabu deck

Devil Dinosaur is a key component to this deck.


When using this deck, your goal should be to get as many 4-Cost cards out as you can, by using Zabu. The great thing about this deck is that there are multiple win conditions, including Devil Dinosaur (Ongoing: +2 Power for each card in your hand).

To excel with Devil Dinosaur, we recommend using Zabu to bring out Moon Girl (On Reveal: Duplicate your hand). Remember, Zabu will make Moon Girl only Cost 2.

Likewise, we recommend Jubilee (On Reveal: Play a random card from your deck at this Location), Omega Red (Ongoing: If you’re ahead by 10 Power here, +4 Power to other Locations), Warpath (Ongoing: If any of your Locations are empty, +4 Power), and Typhoid Mary (Ongoing: Your other cards have -1 Power). All of these are fantastic 4-Cost cards that are highly effective thanks to Zabu.

We also suggest having Adam Warlock (At the end of each turn, if you are winning this Location, draw a card) to ensure you get the cards you want while also boosting Devil Dinosaur’s Power.

Here’s an example of what your board might look like when using this Zabu deck.


Many of these cards have Ongoing effects, allowing you to play Cosmo (Ongoing: On Reveal abilities won't happen at this location) with few penalties. Just make sure to play it at a Location where your enemy has empty slots to maximize effectiveness.

Armor (Ongoing: Cards at this location can't be destroyed) is also useful to prevent your cards from being destroyed at a particular lane (or to counter players using a Destroy deck). And as always, America Chavez (You always draw this card on turn 6, and not before) comes in handy to thin out your deck.

For those turns when you can’t do much, Sunspot (At the end of each turn, gain +1 Power for each unspent Energy) is always useful, as well.

By turn 5, you should be aware of what your win conditions will be. For instance, if you haven’t drawn Devil Dinosaur yet, you should prioritize using some of your other Powerful cards like Warpath, Omega Red, and Typhoid Mary. Oftentimes, you can use all of these cards in conjunction with one another for huge Power.

If you do have Devil Dinosaur, it’s best to play it and try to use Moon Girl to duplicate your deck for maximum Power. It won’t do you any good to play lots of cards since Devil Dinosaur is most effective with a stacked hand.

On turn 6, you should have several 4-Cost cards in your hand, meaning you’ll be able to play at least three of them (assuming Zabu is on the board). This can oftentimes lead you to a sweeping late-match victory, especially if you’ve set yourself up for success prior.

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