It Takes Two release date and trailer for Josef Fares' new co-op game

Josef Fares returns in 2021 with It Takes Two.

You might remember Josef Fares for saying "Fuck the Oscars!" at The Game Awards 2017, but he also runs Hazelight Studios, a Swedish developer that's chipped away at developing It Takes Two since the innovative cooperative adventure A Way Out was released in 2018. It Takes Two was first teased during June's EA Play presentation, but Josef Fares returned to The Game Awards once again to fully unveil the game — this time with fewer F-Bombs.

After its appearance here and another charming introduction by Josef Fares, we've learned more about the game's premise, gameplay, and release date. If you're interested in what's coming next from Fares, we've rounded up everything you'd want to know about It Takes Two, a co-op platformer focused on relationships.

When is the It Takes Two release date?

The Game Awards reveal for It Takes Two confirms that the game will be released on March 26, 2021. This game's launch will be just over three years after A Way Out. That said, it is launching in a pretty crowded window alongside games like Monster Hunter Rise and Balan Wonderworld. March tends to be a fairly crowded month for gaming releases, so there's no telling what else might be released around that time.

Is there a new It Takes Two trailer?

Yes, another trailer for It Takes Two debuted at The Game Awards. It introduces us to the humans-turned-dolls Cody and May and the eccentric Book of Love as well as some gameplay. Check it out below:

What platforms will It Takes Two be available on?

EA has confirmed that It Takes Two will be released across PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. Like most cross-gen games near the start of this console generation. those who own the game on PS4 and Xbox One can get free upgrades to the next-generation versions of the game for free.

What is the story of It Takes Two about?

While It Takes Two seems like a laid back cooperative platformer, it also looks like it will have an endearing story about relationships and the importance of trust. The game follows Cody and May, a married couple having relationship issues. Though they used to be regular humans, they have somehow been turned into dolls for an unkown reason.

The game follows their quest to turn back to normal, and along the way, they are bound to meet some weird and eccentric characters like the Book of Love. Like A Way Out, don't be surprised if It Takes Two uses its cooperative gimmick to enhance some pivotal story moments and messages about positive relationships.

Does It Takes Two require cooperative play?

Yes. Just like A Way Out, It Takes Two does require two players. Some objectives and situations throughout the game will require two players to work in tandem in order to be successful. While many situations just have the player platforming like they would in a 3D Mario game, other sections mix in elements from other genres while still retaining the co-op hook.

It Takes Two is a cooperative experience at all times


While you can't play the game by yourself, it does support both online play and local co-op. You shouldn't have trouble finding someone to play with, especially with the Friend Pass system from A Way Out returning.

Is there an It Takes Two Friend Pass?

If you want to guarantee that you'll play It Takes two with someone that you know, then you'll be happy to know that the Friend Pass system from A Way Out is also returning. If players install the free Friend’s Pass demo, they'll be able to play It Takes Two with you even if they don't buy the game. This system is helpful, but keep in mind Xbox and PlayStation players can't play with each other with the Friend Pass.

Who are Josef Fares and Hazelight Studios?

Hazelight Studios is a Swedish game development studio led by Josef Fares, a Lebanese filmmaker turned game designer. Fares originally put himself on the map with Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, a short but emotional game that had the twist of making the player control two characters with one controller. After completing that game, Fares founded Hazelight Studios and partnered with EA for his first project.

That project was A Way Out, an intense action game that required co-op. Fares managed to gain more notoriety and meme status when advertising the game at The Game Awards 2017. Instead of staying on script, he rambled about a variety of subjects, including the Star Wars Battlefront II microtransaction controversy. He more famously said, "Fuck the Oscars!" Instead, he praised The Game Awards.

This was one of the most memorable moments ever at The Game Awards, so it was only fitting that EA and Fares renewed their partnership and that It Takes Two was shown off in great detail there this year.

It Takes Two will be released for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X on March 26, 2021.

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