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All 7 Mysterious Honkai: Star Rail Aeons, Explained

No, you can’t date the Aeons.

honkai star rail Nanook looking down at you

Even video games can’t escape the gods. The world of Honkai: Star Rail revolves around beings called Aeons, powerful, god-like entities that represent different schools of thought. They appear throughout different points of the Trailblazer’s journey, sometimes causing havoc or granting them abilities. Even the now-defunct Aeons sometimes pop up in Herta’s Simulated Universe.

There are many Aeons, but these are the seven main ones that the game focuses on:

  • Nanook the Destruction
  • Lan the Hunt
  • Nous the Erudition
  • Xipe the Harmony
  • IX the Nihility
  • Qlipoth the Preservation
  • Yaoshi the Abundance

These seven Aeons also represent the seven Paths that the game currently has for its characters. Here’s what we know about each of these mysterious beings.

7. Nanook the Destruction

Nanook the Destruction is essentially a war god. They call the universe a mistake and civilizations a quiet “cancer,” and so they wage war across the galaxy. Nanook commands the Antimatter Legion, a group that systematically plans the destruction of worlds. The Antimatter Legion is the same group that attacks the Herta Space Station in the story.

Physical Trailblazer, Arlan, Hook, and Clara represent the destructive, generalist fighting style of the Destruction (even if they don’t hold the beliefs of the Aeon in charge).

6. Nous the Erudition

Nous is described as an “astral computer” that ascended into Aeonhood. It’s unclear if they are purely a machine or something else entirely.

Sometimes Nous connects with high-intelligence individuals from mortal worlds, who are then invited to join the Genius Society. However, they have little interest in human affairs and spend all their time calculating solutions to the problems of the universe.

Herta, Serval, Qingque, and Himeko weaponize their wits with multi-target attacks.

5. Lan the Hunt

Lan the Hunt, also known as the Reignbow Arbiter, blesses the Xianzhou Alliance, the governing body of the Xianzhou Luofu. According to Simulated Universe logs, they often appear to mortals but move too fast to see what they truly look like to the human eye. They have an ongoing feud with Yaoshi the Abundance that often comes up in the story. It’s like the relationship between a hunter and their prey.

Dan Heng, Seele, Sushang, and Yanqing deal decisive single-target damage that matches a hunter’s fury.

4. Xipe the Harmony

Xipe the Harmony is basically the opposite of Nanook. Instead of wishing for the end of civilization, they wish for all civilizations to live together in Harmony as a single “Family.” Their ideal is peace and collaboration, which they believe will lead to long-lasting joy. However, according to the Honkai: Star Rail Data Bank, that also means no room for disagreements...

Asta, Tingyun, and Bronya uplift their teammates with buffs, which align with the vision of Harmony.

3. IX the Nihility

IX the Nihility is the most mysterious Aeon, mostly because they don’t interact with other Aeons or show themselves to mortals. Little is known about the Nihility besides their beliefs. They believe that the multiverse will eventually amount to nothing. Therefore, investing in it is worthless.

Sampo, Pela, and Welt cast status effects and debuffs on their enemies with powers of the Nihility.

2. Yaoshi the Abundance

Yaoshi is well-meaning, but they have inadvertently caused some long-lasting problems on the Xianzhou Luofu because of their empathy. They apparently lengthened the lifespans of species living in the Xianzhou Luofu, enough that their long lives have become a curse. Xianzhou Luofu worships Lan the Hunt, but dissenters seek eternal life and miraculous cures from Yaoshi.

Natasha and Bailu fall under the Abundance path because of their healing capabilities.

1. Qlipoth the Preservation

Qlipoth the Preservation, also known as the Amber Lord, is one of the oldest Aeons in the universe. They are apparently a being stuck inside an ever-growing wall of amber, but it’s unknown how they became an Aeon or why they feel the need to put up the walls. They are the main Aeon of Belobog, but its rulers turned away from Qlipoth because of their failure to end the Eternal Freeze.

March 7th, Gepard, and Fire Trailblazer embody the protective nature of the Preservation with their strong defenses.

Are there any other Aeons?

There are other Aeons, but they either passed a long time ago or disappeared. One such Aeon is Akivili the Trailblaze, who is often represented by the Astral Express (and the game’s “Trailblaze” related lingo). Others merged into each other because of their overlapping schools of thought, like in the case of Xipe the Harmony absorbing Ena the Order. Even Herta muses how Nanook didn’t merge with Terminus the Finality, considering they both deal with endings.

These are the other Aeons mentioned in the game so far:

  • Akivili the Trailblaze
  • Aha the Elation
  • Fuli the Remembrance
  • Idrila the Beauty
  • Tayzzyronth the Propagation
  • Mythus the Enigmata
  • HooH the Equilibrium
  • Oroboros the Voracity
  • Terminus the Finality
  • Ena the Order

You can find out more about them from the Simulated Universe, which will sometimes simulate even the ones that no longer exist so you can see what they were like.

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