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This One Trick Makes Finding Collectibles in Alan Wake 2 a Breeze

Make your life easier.

Alan Wake 2
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Alan Wake 2 might have plenty of scares to work your way through, but the city of Bright Falls is also filled with countless collectibles to gather. The bulk of the game’s collectibles are gathered in Saga’s section, where she can find Alex Casey lunch boxes, Nursery Rhymes, Cult Stashes, and more. Altogether there are over 50 collectibles to find — no small task. However, Alan Wake 2 gives you one little trick that makes finding everything infinitely easier by giving Saga a charm that marks everything on your map. With that, here’s how to find Mayor Setter’s Charm in Alan Wake 2.

How to Get Mayor Setter’s Charm in Alan Wake 2

Mayor Setter might not be who you’re expecting.

Remedy Entertainment

There are only two missable collectibles in Saga’s half of Alan Wake 2, with one video you can miss in the chapter “Return 1: Invitation” and another in “Return 3: Local Girl.” Otherwise, the lunch boxes, stashes, and Nursery Rhymes can all be found later on before you reach the point of no return. Because of that, we’d recommend mostly mainlining the story until you hit the chapter “Return 6: Scratch.” At this point, the game will give you a warning that continuing on will lock you out of exploration. Now you can wrap up everything you’ve missed — and start that by getting the Mayor Setter Charm.

In Return 6, if you interact with any of the Mayor Setter signs around Bright Falls you’ll see a new note saying the mayor is at Suomi Hall. You can use the car outside of the Elderwood Lodge to travel between areas so head over to Watery.

Mayor Setter can be found in this building in Water, starting in the chapter Return 6.

Remedy Entertainment

Suomi Hall is the big building directly behind where you’ll park. You can see it on the map above. Head inside and go up to the stage where you’ll see the mayor himself... an adorable pooch. Just interact with him and you’ll get the charm, but make sure to equip it. Now you’ll have a drastically easier time finding everything in Alan Wake 2.

How to Find Collectibles in Alan Wake 2

There is one tiny catch with Mayor Setter’s Charm as it won’t unveil every item and collectible everywhere all at once. Rather, you have to be within a certain distance of an item to make it appear on the map, but the radius is pretty generous in our experience, with items appearing as long as we were in roughly the third of the map closest to it. This means you’ll need to put in a bit of legwork to find all those collectibles, but if you make one sweep through each map you’ll have no problem finding everything you need.

Alan Wake 2 is available for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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