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How to Beat the Nightingale Boss Fight in Alan Wake 2

I fought the law, and I won.

Saga Anderson close-up, Alan Wake II
Remedy Entertainment

Alan Wake 2’s terrifying narrative is full of scary monsters the player has to confront and defeat. Be it cultists or revenge-hungry shadows, Alan and Saga both have their fair share of problems. But before Alan Wake 2 throws large quantities of regular enemies at the player, one of the earliest encounters is a multi-stage boss fight against the re-animated corpse of FBI agent Robert Nightingale. The game’s first boss throws players into the deep end, so it might feel insurmountable initially. Here is the best strategy for defeating Nightingale.

First Stage

Make Nightingale vulnerable by using a flashlight burst.

Remedy Entertainment

After entering the Witch’s Ladle, the player will reach a point where Saga shimmies through a crevice between two rocks and comes to a large clearing where Nightingale waits, initiating the boss fight. Nightingale is aggressive and will run toward Saga trying to hit her with a big log, so make sure to dodge any incoming attacks. Keep the shotgun equipped during this encounter as the FBI agent likes to get close, and the stopping power of the weapon can quickly take down his health (even in one shot if you aim well!) and reset his attack loop.

You’ll first want to burn a flashlight burst on Nightingale as he approaches. This will make him vulnerable to attacks, and a glowing red weak point will appear on his chest. As soon as the weak point appears, fire as many rounds as you can before the shadows return to protect him. Then repeat the same flashlight and attack loop as before. Do this as many times as it takes for Nightingale to flee from the area.

Second Stage

Once Nightingale disappears, the Dark Presence will emerge in the clearing as a twisting storm that quickly engulfs the area. Avoid touching it as it will continuously inflict damage on Saga. Look in the opposite direction of where the Dark Presence is coming from, you’ll see a path leading out of the clearing and you will be safe from the Dark Presence.

Final Stage

Aim at weak points and dodge Nightingale’s aggressive attacks.

Remedy Entertainment

The path Saga enters is randomized but dotted with boxes full of ammo and healing items to collect and use as needed. Don’t get comfy just yet, though, as Nightingale will now make his reappearance. While Saga walks the ever-winding path, Nightingale bursts out of nowhere to attack her.

You will need to pull off the same flashlight and shotgun trick you used in the first stage of the fight to make him run away. Nightingale will continue his ambush until you successfully attack him three times.

On the third time, Nightingale will be well and truly defeated — seriously this time. You will know the boss fight is completed when a cutscene begins to play and the “Lawman” achievement pops up. Now that you have beaten the first major boss, you can continue Saga and Alan’s story.

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