Rockstar's rumored VR game could mean a GTA 6 spin-off is in the works

Rockstar is cooking up something else, but could it all be related?

One of Rockstar Games' next big projects is undoubtedly Grand Theft Auto 6, which is reportedly in development, but based on a new LinkedIn post, the lauded developer may also be working on a new VR game in a totally different franchise. What could that mean for GTA 6?

L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files developer Video Games Deluxe announced in a LinkedIn post in late June that the studio was working on a new AAA VR project.

"Having finished the critically well-received L.A.Noire: The V.R. Case Files we are now gearing up for a new project, a AAA open-world title in VR for Rockstar," the post reads reveals. It's also noted that the studio works exclusively for Rockstar out of Sydney, Australia. The studio has several jobs available in programming, design, and animation.

Much like GTA 6, this mystery project hasn't been announced by Rockstar yet. Is this the first tease of a new ambitious VR project that is in development alongside GTA 6? Or could these somehow be one in the same? "AAA open-world title" in VR could be some kind of Grand Theft Auto spin-off title.

While it's exciting to hear about one of the projects Rockstar is working on next, it may be a bit disheartening to anyone eagerly anticipated the next GTA game who may see this as an indication that Rockstar is devoting some of its developers to this spin-off title. Video Games Deluxe, however, seems totally distinct from Rockstar's main branches.

After a variety of leaks that may or may not be trustworthy, an April 2020 Kotaku report confirmed that GTA 6 was in active development. While this report claimed that the game was still fairly early in the development process, other leakers indicated that it was further along.

In late May 2020, it was theorized that GTA 6 could be released around 2023 due to a financial statement from Take-Two Interactive scheduling an uptick in marketing spending around that time, though the publisher denied that this was the case. Throughout all of this, Rockstar and Video Game Deluxe's new partnership had not been mentioned in any report, so it's any relation to GTA 6 is unknown.

Even though we don't know if this will be part of a new franchise or part of one of Rockstar's series like GTA, Red Dead Redemption, or Bully, if it is related to GTA, this mystery title could increase the lifespan of Grand Theft Auto 5 even more. Potentially, this could give Rockstar more leeway to release GTA 6 a bit later than expected, though it's worth noting that the projects are wholly separate and from different teams.

The Inverse Analysis — Overall, don't expect Video Games Deluxe's new VR game to have much of an impact on the development of GTA 6 directly. It may just mean that Rockstar has other titles in the pipeline before that arrives. Any impact towards GTA 6 from this will be from the publisher, who may want to give a new Rockstar-tangental release time to breathe before another Rockstar game hits.

Unfortunately, no official release window has been given for GTA 6 nor Video Game Deluxe's new game, so it's hard to say for sure if this is ever the case. Regardless, don't be worried about GTA 6 following this VR announcement. Instead, be excited for a new ambitious VR game created with the help of Rockstar that just might also take place in the GTA universe.

GTA 6 is currently in development.

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