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We asked 4,100+ gamers what GTA 6 car upgrades they want. Here’s what they said.

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Grand Theft Auto 5 and GTA Online are a masterclass in video game character customization. Players have countless cosmetic and clothing options to choose from and hundreds of vehicles that can be personalized at any of Los Santos’ mechanics. But since GTA 5’s launch in 2013, players have taken a joyride in every whip the game has to offer. If Inverse's survey of more than 4,100 readers is any indication, then GTA fans ravenous for more vehicles and more customization options for them.

Inverse asked our readers to respond to a poll asking what features they want to see the most in GTA 6, a game that's been confirmed to be in development even if Rockstar Games hasn't formally announced it. More than 2,300 readers responded, revealing a massive wishlist of upgrades and improvements that GTA-obsessed fans are desperate to see in the Rockstar Games sequel.

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One of the most requested GTA 6 features based on our survey is even more customizable cars. What if you could hop in the driver’s seat of an actual Ferrari and not the knock-off Grottis you’ve seen cruising around Los Santos for seven years now?

There are about 650 drivable vehicles across GTA 5’s single-player and online modes, plus Rockstar consistently adds more vehicles every time it updates GTA Online. This sizable roster of automobiles has been enough to keep even the most voracious car connoisseurs entertained for seven years, but fans want more rubber to burn.

How could 'GTA 6' improve car customization?

Rockstar Games

What features do you want in GTA 6? Take the survey.

Many survey respondents were adamant about Rockstar adding real-life car brands to GTA 6. The GTA 5 PC community has already taken it upon themselves to populate a nearly-endless library of realistic car models that can be added to the Windows version of the game. The 2017 Nissan GTR is among one of the most popular car mods that has been downloaded nearly 700,000 times since it was uploaded in 2015.

The most we’ve heard about cars in GTA 6 is that players might need to rely on them as a way to store their massive arsenal of weapons. Vehicles will allegedly function like horses in Red Dead Redemption 2, so they’ll be the players’ main inventory while their character can carry around two guns at the most. That’s according to the unconfirmed batch of “Project Americas” leaks that have been floating around online since mid-2019, but gamers should rest assured that GTA 6 won’t skimp on car customization.

The franchise is titled Grand Theft Auto after all, and Rockstar has consistently upped the ante with every installment. As a point of comparison, GTA 4 only had 123 drivable vehicles. GTA 6 will most likely have more models, but it might also offer more detailed customizations of cars’ interiors as well.

Many gamers are hoping Rockstar improves how much players can customize cars' interiors in 'GTA 6'.

Rockstar Games

Currently, GTA 5 doesn’t let players customize the interiors of their cars as much as they would like but with the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X’s PC-grade GPU and solid-state drive, Rockstar could jam-pack GTA 6 with thousands upon thousands of steering wheels, shift knobs, and more.

Sadly, anyone hoping for real-life car companies to partner with Rockstar might be disappointed. It’s highly unlikely that any car company would want to collaborate with a game that encourages reckless decisions on the road, but luckily Rockstar has been basing its in-game vehicles on IRL cars since the beginning of the series.

Plus, when that’s not enough the modding community will be sure to step in and offer even more options.

GTA 6 is reportedly in development with no official release date announced yet.

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