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New GTA 6 leak claims it's 60-70 percent done — here’s what that means

Could it really be so close?

Previous reports have confirmed that Grand Theft Auto VI is definitely in development, so the question then becomes when Rockstar Games might schedule a release date for the game. A new leak that emerged on Reddit may have finally clarified that the game is 60 to 70 percent through development, but what does that mean for a potential release timeline?

Two GTA 6 release timelines have gained traction in recent weeks: Sources at Rockstar told Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier — who broke the news about the game’s development in April — that it’s in “early development” and is still “years away” while a duo of popular Rockstar leakers claim it’s more than halfway complete. Now a third, albeit sketchier batch of information has emerged on Reddit suggesting that GTA 6 could arrive as early as October 2021.

Redditor u/LoremIpsumLoremIpsu published what they claim is a smorgasbord of Rockstar leaks they obtained from anonymous sources at Rockstar on Wednesday. The juiciest one alleged that GTA 6 was about 60 to 70 percent complete, like leaker Tezfun2 said it was back in April. But Rockstar slowed its progress to polish what it had so far, plus it was in no real rush to release it since GTA 5 Online has made the company billions of dollars and continues to draw in tens of millions of gamers.

“Rockstar considered feedback for Red Dead Redemption 2, some portions of the game are being re-done, story is expanded further, and they are ‘cleaning up edges’ and additional time is used to set up the ongoing DLC support,” they wrote. “Mission design is especially being overhauled to offer a more open approach. Rockstar really took the feedback to RDR2 to heart. Also they didn't have to delay it, but they chose to take their time, because constant GTA Online revenue allows them to.”

Could 'GTA 6' really only be a couple of years away?

Rockstar Games

When could Rockstar set the GTA 6 release date?

According to LoremIpsumLoremIpsu, Rockstar was aiming for a release date somewhere between October 2021 to February 2022 before the coronavirus pandemic. The current health crisis has led Rockstar — and every other developer — to have their employees work remotely for an indefinite period of time. This has caused the delays of other AAA titles and could result in GTA 6 delays as well

But how much stock should gamers put in this latest batch of Reddit leaks?

The Inverse Analysis — The person who posted all of this alleged GTA 6 information made a throwaway Reddit account, so they have no track record of previously leaking unreleased games. On top of that, a part of their post has already been put into question.

In addition to details on GTA 6’s release date, they also mentioned that RDR2 would receive the “Smart Delivery” treatment for Microsoft’s Xbox Series X. This next-generation feature ensures that if gamers purchased a game on the Xbox One, they’ll get an upgraded version of it on the Series X. The company hosted an Inside Xbox showcase on May 7 where it revealed the initial roster of studios who’s games will use the feature. Rockstar was nowhere to be seen, and Smart Delivery for RDR2 was not mentioned during the presentation at all. Which means they were 100 percent wrong about that, so what else did they get wrong?

The initial roster of studios who's games will make use of the Xbox Series X's Smart Delivery feature. There's no sign of Rockstar Games.


Finally, LoremIpsumLoremIpsu never provided any proof of their claims to the subreddit’s moderators or established Rockstar leaker Yan2295, which casts an even bigger shadow on the accuracy of their claims — and it also led the mods to label the post as "False" until further proof is given.

Everything the Redditor laid out seems to make sense at a glance, but it’s possible that they’ve simply paid attention to the GTA 6 news over that past few months and decided to make a post with everything fans wanted to hear for a moment of internet stardom. Unless they provide some more substantial evidence to their claims, this Reddit post is nothing more than a rumor. Still, a late 2021 or early 2022 release date timeline does seem possible, so maybe there's something to it.

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