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We asked 6,500+ fans about GTA 6, and they all want robust character customization

Better hair. More clothing. Better game.

Grand Theft Auto 5 revolutionized what players have come to expect from character customization in open-world games. There are thousands of unique clothing items to wear in the single-player campaign and GTA Online. But now that GTA 5 is getting closer to being a decade old, players are craving even more robust cosmetic options to make their characters stand out. A survey of 6,500 Inverse readers revealed that improved character customization is one of the upgrades gamers want to see the most in GTA 6.

Inverse asked our readers to respond to a poll asking what features they want to see the most in GTA 6, which has been confirmed to be in development even if Rockstar Games hasn’t formally announced it. More than 6,500 of these GTA-obsessed respondents noted that they expect to see an even larger catalog of clothing whenever Rockstar releases GTA 6. But a few respondents also noted that they were disappointed about the lack of hairstyles in GTA 5.

What features do you want in GTA 6? Take the survey.

Players have been become increasingly more frustrated by the lack of long and curly hairstyles in 'GTA 5.'

Rockstar Games

There are over 4,000 articles of clothing available in GTA 5, so that's about 2,000 per gender. That list is constantly being expanded as Rockstar updates GTA Online and adds an wide array of different styles, but the same can’t be said about the in-game hair-do options.

While there’s no exact count of how many total hairstyles are available in GTA Online, players have been complaining for a long time that the game only offers a very broad selection of straight hair. Longer or curlier hairstyles have been notoriously ignored since the game’s launch. There was even a petition created in 2018 to try and get Rockstar to add a larger variety of hairstyles that never quite took off.


Since then, the crafty GTA 5 modding community has been steadily adding a more robust list of hair-does, the most popular of which have been a mix of dreadlocks, fades, and long flowing hair. Unfortunately, all of these are only available for those who play GTA Online on PC, but that could change with the release of next-generation consoles.

'GTA' fans want Rockstar to add even more clothing options in 'GTA 6.'

Rockstar Games

Now that the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will come touting PC-grade GPUs and solid-state drives, there’s no excuse for Rockstar to ignore including a wider array of hairstyles that represent people from all walks of life, especially if Rockstar were to jump ship and use Unreal Engine 5, which can render realistic-looking hair that behaves just like normal hair based on motion.

Making hair look natural in video games is actually a difficult engineering challenge because of the thousands of hair strands that computers, or consoles, need to simulate. But with the introduction of next-gen hardware, GTA 6 will hopefully come with a much more inclusive list of hairstyles and even more unique clothing options. It really just depends on Rockstar Games to put in the development time to make it happen. Better yet, imagine if you could create custom clothing in-game like something out of Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

GTA 6 is reportedly in development with no official release date announced yet.

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