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10 Animal Crossing: New Horizons QR codes for Stone Paths and other roads

If you want more sophisticated island life in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, then use these QR codes for Stone Paths and so much more.

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you’re not just playing a game. You're building a life for you and all your animal friends. Unfortunately, your formerly deserted island lacks any stores like a proper Home Depot or a Uniqlo, leaving it up to players to design their own clothing and furnishings.

Player-made designs can be shared by using QR Codes online, so anyone can download custom designs. For anyone tired of stomping on raw grass or sand, use these codes to build yourself custom roads, streets, and other types of paths.

How do you unlock paths in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

All players unlock paths after fully upgrading their island, meaning Tom Nook is out of new tasks for you to complete and your Resident Services has become a building that includes Isabelle. Once you've upgraded your island, Tom Nook will install the Island Designer App on your Nook Phone. Using this, you'll be able to customize paths to your heart's content. Now it's time to give your little toes the land they deserve!

QR codes for Stone Paths

There’s nothing more elegant than a stone look. Stone paths have been used since antiquity to distinguish affluence, quality, and longevity. If those are vibes that you’d like your island home to emit, then install a few stones on the ground. Or perhaps some bricks? Having a distinct hardy look will make your island the most appealing landmass around!

10. Classic and Neon brick paths


9. Circular Stone Centre

Circular Stone Centre


8. Square Cobblestone

Square Cobblestone Roads

7. White Stone Paths

White Stone Paths


6. Intricate Stone Plaza


QR codes for more fantastical groundwork like water and cookies

Being an old fashioned villa isn't quite everyone's cup of tea, that's why more fantastical designs resist as well. If your villagers refuse to occupy stone paths for the sake of being "hip," then perhaps they'd have a better time working on something they won't see in the latest travel guide-- fantasy!

5. Cookie-styled flooring


4. Colorful sealand flooring

Colorful sealand flooring


3. Chocolate paths


QR Codes for Aquatic Paths

While fantasy and stone are Building blocks for any respectable town in the modern age, what about the future? When 2045 comes along, we'll all be underwater, living life with King Triton. In New Horizons, you can get a headstart on 2045 by making your island appear to be flooding with water-themed pathways. Perhaps every path is just a cover for a pool of water?

2. Water Pool Path


1. Bridge Over Water pathway


All path designs can also be reused as wallpaper for your home. You can also find one more specific to your tastes by checking our 20 QR code wallpaper collection.

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