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GTA 6 release date leak teases a major announcement from Rockstar Games

Could it finally be time?

Rumors and alleged leaks about Grand Theft Auto 6 have been swirling around online for about a year now, but a prominent Rockstar Games leaker with a proven track record claims a legitimate reveal date will happen later this month.

Rockstar has yet to confirm anything about concrete about GTA 6. It hasn't even formally confirmed if the game is in development, but a leaker known as “gonnaenodaethat” has hinted that the upcoming sequel will be formally announced before the end of March. Several dates have been referenced, indicating the announcement should come between March 20 and 25. They've been very active on GTAForums, a discussion forum known for having moderators with a zero-tolerance policy for bogus information. So it's a bit surprising that gonnaenodaethat has been posting mysterious responses to other users' comments and sending cryptic direct messages seemingly at random.

Whoever this person is, they're well-known for engaging in the same perplexing behavior when they leaked information about Red Dead Redemption 2 before it was announced and then again before that game's PC port was announced. Their account also says they’re from Scotland, which also happens to be where the developer’s headquarters, known as Rockstar North, is located. It sure seems like this person is either a Rockstar insider or a local who knows someone who does work at Rockstar.

A screenshotted posted made by gonnaenodaethat.


On Monday, Redditor u/bozidarilic chronicled gonnaenodaethat's recent activity, assembling all the evidence that indicates a major GTA 6 announcement seems imminent. They mentioned how visiting — a domain owned by GTAForums — redirected to gonnaenodaethat’s profile. That is no longer the case as of Wednesday, but the redditor was most intrigued by the fact that GTAForums’ moderators hadn’t taken down gonnaenodaethat's posts.

“The main reason that I believe something is happening is the fact that moderators allowed him to do all sorts of things which would be considered trolling if another user made similar posts and topics,” they wrote. One topic created by gonnaenodaethat topics was called "0320" which seemingly references March 20. There's also a 4chan leak that's been circulating this week claiming the date will instead be March 25.

Gonnaenodaethat hasn’t revealed much about what GTA 6’s announcement could actually reveal beyond some cryptic hints at a return to Vice City, so only time will tell if the leaker’s predictions prove to be accurate. Months of rumors and Rockstar job listings have given us an idea of what the game might be like.

The leaker is said to be based in Scotland, which is where Rockstar's HQ is also located.


Unconfirmed GTA 6 chatter from 2019 claimed the game was in early development under the codename “Project Americas.” Among those leaks was the claim that the game will take place primarily in Vice City (fictional Miami) but that players would travel to a handful of Latin America-inspired areas and cities in the world. Think GTA meets Netflix’s Narcos.

Recently, Rockstar also published new logo artwork which sparked a flurry of fan theories speculating that the developer is preparing for a big announcement. Gonnaenodaethat’s activity on GTAForums has further fanned the flames of that possibility to make it seem likely that some kind of announcement will happen before the end of the month.

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