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Rockstar Games' latest teasers are for either GTA 6 or this mysterious new game

Two new logos might have sparked a lot of speculation about the next Rockstar game.

Rockstar Games debuted two new logos on its website last week and immediately kicked up a squall of speculations about what upcoming release the company may be teasing, so does it have something to do with Grand Theft Auto VI or a new title?

Rockstar's last major release was Red Dead Redemption 2 in 2018, and the developer has been holding down Grand Theft Auto V fans with a steady trickle of DLC content since its 2013 release. Hordes of Rockstar fans, however, have been scrambling to decipher what these two new cryptic logos might mean for the company’s future plans.

One of the two designs features a solid-gold android sensually posed against the Rockstar logo with a bottle of champagne. The second one presents a more classic rendition of the company’s emblem, but it’s peppered with an assortment of overlaid words, numbers, and symbols that could hold clues to Rockstar’s next game.

What does Rockstar have planned for the rest of 2020? Could it be a GTA 6 trailer or a Bully 2 reveal?

Here are two compelling theories that the Rockstar fan hive mind has decoded from these new logos.

2. First official GTA 6 art?

The first of the two new Rockstar logos that were spotted online.


The GTA diehards who have been eagerly waiting for the announcement of GTA 6 believe the artwork featuring the robotic pin-up girl to be a hat tip to the imminent reveal of the long-awaited follow-up to GTA 5, which has been rumored to be set during the height of the United States’ War on Drugs as kickstarted by President Richard Nixon.

“Artwork is either made or heavily inspired by an artist named Hajime Sorayama. He was famous in the '80s,” wrote Redditor u/MilroyNerfmods. “Could be a hint for music in GTA 6, or a time like the '90s - '00s. I’ve noticed it looks awfully similar to Aerosmith’s Just Push Play album cover which got its release around March 2001.”

The much-talked-about “Project Americas” rumors suggest that GTA 6 will take place sometime between the ‘70s and the ‘80s. On closer inspection of the new Rockstar artwork, the neck of the champagne bottle has the year "1998" on the label, which doesn’t quite line up with the alleged leaks and would put the game's story right around the events of the original GTA and GTA 2. 1998 is, however, the date that Rockstar Games was founded as a company, so the explanation might be that simple.

MilroyNerfmods also noticed the golden robot is posed in the shape of the number "6," which might be a cheeky teaser for the unannounced game or at the very least a deliberate troll to desperate fans. Even if this mysterious golden woman is meant to tease a new GTA game, don’t expect an announcement anytime soon. GTA 5 is still performing extremely well revenue-wise for Rockstar and parent company Take-Two, so there’s really no incentive to push out a sequel when the previous title still makes everyone a lot of money.

1. The return of a mysterious, unreleased title?

This cryptic logo is hiding a lot in plain sight.


The second logo doesn’t seem to include any hints at GTA 6, but instead could be referring to an unreleased Rockstar title that was long thought dead, originally called Agent.

The unpublished PlayStation 3 exclusive was first announced in 2009 and was teased to be a “genre-defining, stealth-action” IP that would take place in the Cold War in the late 1970s. It was supposed to pioneer a new style of spy-focused gameplay, but it never got off the ground. Rockstar stopped mentioning it after the launch of the PS4, but this new logos could be signaling a triumphant comeback.

The artwork is covered in jumbled text and encoded numbers, which MilroyNerfmods deciphered into plain text:

"Killing dreams, murdering hope, fighting the righteous, bullying the weak since 1948."

“Sounds awfully characteristic of communism,” they wrote. “The right side says ‘Since’ and has 48 R* logos. There are 49 stars if you count the large logo in the middle. There were also 48 states by the time the Cold War was just dawning, and the Cold War was officially set in motion in 1947-48.”

With the launch of the PS5 right around the corner, Rockstar could finally deliver on the PlayStation exclusive it promised so many years ago. However, parent company Take-Two abandoned its Agent trademark in November 2018, leaving the future of the game up in the air. It's just as possible that ideas from this abandoned project were repurposed for something similar but different.

Rockstar could simply be planning to rebrand the IP under a new name, but we won’t know for sure until the company announces what it has in store for 2020 at some point in the near future. According to Rockstar's YouTube channel, a new video was recently added to the page that remains unpublished, so it seems possible that some kind of reveal is imminent.

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