'GTA 5' casino heist teaser may fuel 'GTA 6' location rumors

Could this be a 'GTA 6' easter egg?

Rockstar Games

There are few titles that gamers are more excited for than Grand Theft Auto 6. Rockstar Games has yet to even announce that it’s working on the sixth installment of its flagship franchise, but that hasn’t stopped diehard fans from stirring up rumors, hunting for leaks, and searching for hints about the the existence of the game. Now, Redditors believe they’ve found a GTA 6 teaser embedded in the a recently announced GTA 5 Online DLC mission.

Rockstar tweeted a brief trailer for a casino heist that will be released as an addition to the 2013 game. Naturally, the clip didn’t mention GTA 6, but for a moment it highlights a map of South America, one of the many rumored locations for GTA 6.

The map only appears for a split-second in the video, but Redditor /u/ApplelypseNow screen-shotted the image and speculated about how Rockstar might be teasing their next big release.

“In the teaser for the upcoming casino heist DLC, South America is the only continent highlighted on the world map. It might be an easter egg for one of GTA 6’s locations,” they wrote.

Unconfirmed GTA 6 rumors have claimed the game is in development under the codename “Project Americas.” Those same rumors claim the game primarily take place in Vice City (fictional Miami), but players will get to travel to a handful of Latin America-inspired areas and Liberty City (fictional New York). It’s a similar concept to the Guarma mission in Red Dead Redemption 2 and the North Yankton in GTA 5.

As a whole, the game will allegedly be a riff on Netflix’s Narcos, putting players in the shoes of an up-and-coming drug dealer who eventually becomes an international kingpin as they expand their criminal network overseas.

Rockstar Games

The casino heist teaser is the only morsel of information straight from Rockstar that could potentially corroborate the “Project Americas” rumor. The developer has a reputation for sprinkling easter eggs in many of its games. GTA 5 has hat tips to popular movies and other games strewn throughout side missions in Los Santos.

To top it off, Rockstar has also referenced its other games in GTA 5 and previous titles. Both Vice City and Liberty City have received secret shoutouts in GTA 5, which seemingly confirms the franchise is part of the same universe, and that Rockstar could be planning bring them all together in a in GTA 6 or a future entry.

GTA 6 might still be years away, but there’s compelling evidence to believe that Rockstar is cooking up something epic.

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