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Trusted leaker says GTA 6 release date news is days away

Various leaks and theories point to late March being a hugely important time for GTA developer Rockstar Games.

Grand Theft Auto 6 is one of the most hotly anticipated game releases in recent memory despite not being officially confirmed yet. Rockstar Games has been utterly silent about its follow-up to GTA 5 as alleged leaks from throughout the past year claimed the game has been in development secretly for quite some time.

Now, the predictions of a supposedly trustworthy claiming an imminent announcement will finally be put to the test — because they've said GTA 6 will be revealed in the next week.

The GTA 6 message board GTAForums has been a focal point for many of the rumors about the unannounced game. That’s where a leaker known as “gonnaenodaethat” has hinted that the sequel will be formally announced on March 20. Plus, a subsequent anonymous “leak” on sketchy discussion forum 4chan, claimed that March 25 will be the day a GTA 6 teaser trailer is released.

The next few days will make or break both of these leakers' reputations. While many GTA fans are wary of this type of chatter, a few Redditors believe the fact that both Sony and Microsoft have recently announced the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X’s hardware details is a sign that a GTA 6 announcement is on the horizon.

The alleged leak claiming that a 'GTA 6' announcement could come on March 25.


“I think that Rockstar wants to wait after both consoles have officially been shown and revealed, before they announce anything regarding GTA 6,” wrote u/MYNAMEISHENDRIK on Wednesday. “It would not have made any sense to announce such a big game for consoles which have not been officially shown yet. After [the PS5] we will finally know what both consoles are capable of and how they compete with each other and I guess we will see some game reveals in the next couple of weeks, because E3 got canceled and publishers will use different ways to present their games.”

As it stands, this is all just speculation. There’s no evidence to support the teaser trailer claims made on 4chan, but gonnaenodaethat is well-known for posting cryptic messages on forums. They did leak information about Red Dead Redemption 2 before it was even announced, so their proven track record is a strong indication that they might be trustworthy.

A recent message of theirs has led many GTA fans to believe that an GTA 5 Online update was hiding an Easter egg about GTA 6’s location in plain sight. But the next few days will determine if fans should still trust their perplexing messages.

Newly revealed Rockstar artwork


The Inverse Analysis

Rockstar is still making a lot of money from GTA 5: As of December 2019, it had sold 120 million copies of the game even though it was originally released in 2013. There’s absolutely no reason for them to rush the release of GTA 6, so don’t expect a release date anytime soon ... but a 2020 announcement (even one this week) does seem possible.

GTA 5 was first announced in October 2011 and it shipped two years later. Rockstar could follow the same timeline this time around and shoot for a 2022 or 2023 release date to release a world-class title a few years into the PS5 and Xbox Series X’s life cycle.

The GTA franchise has been so lucrative for Rockstar that a follow-up to GTA 5 is a no-brainer, but it’ll need to be as polished and immersive as GTA 5. The franchise is Rockstar's baby, so it won’t be rushed out before its developers believe it has reached a high standard of quality.

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