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GTA 6 leak: A dynamic Fortnite feature could come to Vice City

A leaker with a good rep has dropped a comprehensive list of rumors for GTA 6.

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A reliable video games leaker appears to be aligning himself with several long-running GTA 6 rumors.

Tom Henderson is a well-known leaker in Battlefield and Call of Duty circles, and he’s now sharing information on the highly anticipated but still unconfirmed Grand Theft Auto 6.

He claims to have heard a very rough estimate of the game’s release date, setting, and GTA Online plans reminiscent of how Epic Games refreshes its Fortnite game with regular updates.

Here’s a quote from Henderson’s commentary in a Youtube video he uploaded earlier this summer:

This was compared a little bit to the Fortnite seasons, where maybe there's a comet that crashes into the map and changes the map a little bit. It just adds to the overall GTA Online experience and I think that is a change that's going to be very cool to within the GTA universe.

While we don’t know if the information is correct, Henderson’s claims certainly paint an intriguing picture of what GTA 6 could be. (He previously teased that GTA 6 will incorporate some form of cryptocurrency.)

What happened — A June 2021 video by Henderson (scroll down to see it) recently resurfaced after GameSpot tweeted about it, and it contains lots of intriguing information. He claims that the game will not take place in the rumored 1980s Project Americas setting, but in the present day. He says that this is so GTA 6 is compatible with GTA Online, and the developers can add whatever they want (like cryptocurrency).

He also says that the game will be set in Vice City, though the map might not be as big as other leakers suggest.

Henderson also claims that GTA Online will become an evolving map that changes with each new update and DLC release. Live service “metaverses” like this and Fortnite are a popular trend in gaming right now, so it’s not surprising that Rockstar would want to get a slice of that pie. This claim is supported by an April 2020 report from Kotaku, which that GTA 6 will be “expanded with regular updates over time.”

He also says that the game will have multiple playable characters, one of whom is a woman. He guesses that Rockstar likely won’t release the game until 2024 or 2025, and then declares that it will only be available for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X.

What these leaks mean — Henderson's video is one of the most holistic chunks of leak-like content about there about the hugely anticipated video game. It alsot compiles quite a bit of information that we’ve seen teased elsewhere. While leaks with so many claims like this aren’t always true, GTA 6 will be just as exciting and engaging as we all hope it will be if they are.

What’s next — As is always the case with GTA 6 rumors, take it with a grain of salt as Rockstar still hasn’t talked about GTA 6 yet.

With GTA V next-gen ports and other rumored remasters on the horizon, it probably won’t talk about GTA 6 for a while. As such, we won’t know if what Tom Henderson is saying is true for a while. Still, he does have a pretty reliable track record when it comes to leaking information about Battlefield and Call of Duty, so he may be correct.

Fortnite is the most popular game on the market today, so incorporating more frequent map-changing live events into GTA Online is a logical step forward. The Vice City setting aligns with many previous rumors, and the 2025 release date seems plausible as we haven’t heard about the game yet.

If GTA 6 does end up looking like what Henderson describes here, it will quite literally be a game-changer.

GTA 6 is reportedly in development at Rockstar.

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