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God of War Ragnarok Lunda's Lost Armor piece locations and Mysterious Orb guide

Lost and found.

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Ragnarok is here. Kratos and Atreus are back to take on the scumbags of Asgard in an epic adventure that mostly lives up to the towering success of God of War (2018). Along the way, father and son will take on a plethora of side quests on the long path to completing the game. One specific character players will soon become familiar with is Lunda, who tasks you with finding several objects related to puzzles that require tricky solutions. Here’s how to collect every piece of Lunda’s Lost Armor and find the mysterious orb.

Warning: mild mid-game spoilers ahead for God of War Ragnarok.

Where is Lunda in God of War Ragnarok?

Before you start the quest, you will need to first find Lunda. She resides in Freyr’s camp which is found in Vanaheim. Progressing through the sixth chapter, “The Reckoning,” of God of War Ragnarok will introduce you to Lunda. At this point, you can talk to her to find out what she needs Kratos to uncover by accepting the Mysterious Orb favor and the Lunda’s Lost Armour labor.

Lunda can give you a great armor set if you do some collecting for her.


Lunda’s Lost Armor piece location 1

While the main thing Lunda wants you to find is the orb, uncovering her lost armor pieces will earn you a great armor set. There are three pieces to find and they are all strewn about the Vanaheim map.

The first piece you want to find is the Broken Belt. To do this you need to head down the river on your boat until you discover the River Delta region. Dock your boat and go to the Noatun’s Garden location, you will find a gate with a diamond-shaped wall and it will shatter. Within lies a chest containing the first of Lunda’s lost pieces, the Broken Belt.

Lunda’s Lost Armor piece location 2

Once you have the belt you can hop back into your boat and continue south until reaching the Cliffside Ruins. You will know you are in the right area when you reach a gateway and see Brok and Lunda setting up shop. There will be a ruined tower that you can begin to climb. Once you start seeing poisonous green plants you should destroy all of them and you can now access a chest. Open it to obtain the second of Lunda’s lost pieces, the Broken Bracers.

Mysterious Orb location

After getting the Bracers, stay in the area and explore the vicinity, look for a chain stuck behind some red foliage. To unlock this area, you need to use Freya’s abilities to mark the wall with sigils and then use the Blades of Chaos on them to burn away the foliage. This will release the chain and you can now climb up it to a new area.

Red vines hide a chain that you need to climb in order to progress.


There will be a runic slate at the top, interact with it and a rune will appear across the way. Press square and the rock wall will fall, opening up a new path. Head back to your boat and you can now paddle through this new path to unlock the Goddess Falls area.

Continue along the area until you reach a cave. Upon reaching the Veiled Passage area, you will be able to dock on the right part of the river. Look around for an object to pick up. This will be the mysterious orb Lunda has been after. But before you head back to give Lunda the orb, you should make sure to get the last of the lost armor pieces.

Lunda’s Lost Armor location 3

Get back on your boat and head further down the river until you reach the end of the cave. You will be able to dock on the shore. Look for an area with poison mist and directly to the left will be the final chest. Inside is the last of Lunda’s lost armor pieces: the Broken Cuirass.

The last armor piece and the mysterious orb reside in a hidden cave.


With the three lost armor pieces and the mysterious orb in your possession you can make your way back to Lunda and give her the goods, she will then repair the armor for free. The Lunda’s Lost armor set will be one of the better sets you can equip at this point in the game, offering a higher chance of poisoning enemies as well as increased damage on poisoned enemies. It’s sure to help you through some tough boss fights.

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