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7 essential items to farm for Yelan before the Genshin Impact 2.7 update

What's the farm?

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Yelan with a neutral facial expression from the Genshin Impact 2.7 update

Genshin Impact is back in business. After the first delay in the game’s history, HoYoverse (and its home city of Shanghai) has recovered enough from the Covid-19 lockdown to drop dates for its upcoming updates. Not just for the Genshin Impact 2.7 update, but also for the 2.8 update! The company also finally aired the official Genshin Impact 2.7 livestream with details of what to expect for the upcoming characters and quests, including Yelan. She’s coming at the end of this month, followed by Kuki Shinobu in the later half of the update.

As always, Genshin characters require a lot of Mora and materials if you want to both ascend them and level their best talents. In this Genshin Impact Yelan materials guide, I'll walk you through what you need for the Hydro archer, and where you can find it in the world.

Yelan Character Ascension Materials

  • Varunada Lazurite (1 Sliver, 9 Fragments, 9 Chunks, 6 Gemstones)
  • 46 Runic Fangs
  • 168 Star Conches
  • Insignia materials (18 Recruit, 30 Sergeant, 36 Lieutenant)

You'll also need 430-ish Hero's Wit and 420,000 Mora for Yelan's ascension costs.

Yelan Talent Ascension Materials

  • “Prosperity” scrolls (3 Teachings, 21 Guides, 38 Philosophies)
  • Insignia materials (6 Recruit, 22 Sergeant, 31 Lieutenant)
  • 6 Gilded Scales
  • 1 Crown of Insight

It'll cost 1,625,000 Mora for each talent fully leveled also.

Where to find Yelan's ascension materials in Genshin Impact

Here's where you can find each of Yelan's talent and character ascension materials:

Runic Fangs

We first got a sneak peak of Yelan while fighting this new Chasm boss, so it's appropriate that one of her materials comes from it. To fight the Ruin Serpent, you'll need to unlock the underground region of the Chasm through quests, but once that's done, you can head straight there. Bosses in Genshin respawn quickly, so defeat it as fast as possible, then warp away before returning a few minutes later.

The Ruin Serpent is Genshin’s newest boss, so will provide some of Yelan and Kuki’s materials.


Varunada Lazurite

This gemstone is used to ascend Hydro characters and you can get it by defeating any Hydro boss, such as the Oceanid in Liyue and the Hydro Hypostasis on Watatsumi Island. Sadly, Yelan is one of those rare characters whose boss material and gem don't come from the same place, meaning you'll have to fight twice the number of bosses to level her. If you've got some Dust of Azoth, you can always convert other elemental gems to ascend her, but this can prove quite costly since Dust of Azoth is only available in Paimon's Bargains. At least you can fight whichever Hydro boss you want. Don't forget you can also grab Hydro gems from some of the weekly bosses.

Star Conches

These seashells are found along the coast of Liyue and are pretty easy to spot. There are lots of them located on the beaches near Mingyun Village and the Guyun Stone Forest, though you can find every shell location on the official Genshin Impact map. There are 77 altogether, and you need 168 to ascend Yelan completely, so you're looking at three partial farms. These respawn every 48 hours, so be sure to make a note to return to collect them.

Starconches are scattered across Liyue’s eastern coastline.


Insignia materials

You can find Insignias by defeating Fatui Skirmishers of different world levels. They drop up to three variants of increasing rarity: Recruit's Insignia, Sergeant's Insignia, and Lieutenant's Insignia. Fatui can be found all over Teyvat, but in particular, across Inazuma and Liyue. One of the best places to find them is in the northwest section of Seirai island in Inazuma, where they seem to congregate.

"Prosperity" scrolls

These talent ascension materials come from the Taishan Mansion domain on Mondays, Thursdays, and Sundays. As ever, the speediest way to farm is to craft some Condensed Resin to claim double rewards for each completion. To get the recipe you'll need to reach reputation rank 3 in Liyue, and gather some Crystal Cores from Crystal Flies. Once done, you can craft them at the Alchemy Bench, though they'll cost forty resin a piece. I suggest logging in on days when you don't plan to farm and quickly crafting a few, as unlike regular resin, you can store up to five of these.

Gilded Scales

This boss material is a potential reward for Azhdaha. To unlock the boss, you'll have to complete Zhongli's story quests. Unfortunately, this isn't a guaranteed drop, but you can craft it using Dream Solvent and any of Azhdaha's other materials. You can get Dream Solvent as a random drop for completing weekly bosses, so be sure to do all the ones you can to gather some, since it saves you waiting a week to fight the Azhdaha again.

Crown of Insight

Finally, the Crown of Insight mainly comes from a single event per season, but you can always get a limited number in the game, too. The best way is to level the Sacred Sakura in Inazuma using Electro Sigils, though you can also upgrade the Frostbearing Tree in Dragonspine with Crimson Agate. Genshin Impact 2.6 also introduced the Lumenspar Adjuvant gadget, and you can get a Crown of Insight for upgrading that as well.

And those are where to find all of the Genshin Impact Yelan materials. We don't know exactly when she's arriving yet, but good luck getting her!

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