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6 essential items to farm in Genshin Impact to max out Thoma

Get ready for some hot stuff.

Genshin Impact’s four-star characters often go unloved. But the upcoming Pyro polerarm user Thoma is a rare exception who’s worth getting excited about. That’s partially due to the dearth of attractive male characters in Genshin Impact, but mostly because of his compelling storyline throughout the Inazuma sections of the game.

Better still, you won’t need to wait long to try your luck at adding him to your stable of heroes. Thoma will join Genshin Impact when Version 2.2 launches on October 12. Before he arrives, you can start collecting all six items he needs to advance his Ascension and Talent Levels.

Here’s what you need to know to get ahead of the grind.

Genshin Impact Thoma materials

All the Thoma Upgrade Materials.

Deviltakoyaki / miHoYo

To ascend Thoma and unlock his level caps, you need the following items:

  • Agnidus Agate
  • Smoldering Pearls
  • Fluorescent Fungus
  • Treasure Hoarder Insignias

Upgrading Thoma’s talents requires these items:

  • Treasure Hoarder Insignias
  • "Transcience" talent scrolls
  • Crowns of Insight
  • Hellfire Butterfly

Here’s how you can collect nearly everything right now.

Genshin Impact Agnidus Agate locations

You can farm Agnidus Agate by defeating the Pyro Regisvine or Primo Geovishap in Liyue. If you want to stay in Inazuma, you also farm them by defeating the Pyro Hypostasis.

Additionally, Agnidus Agate can be purchased in small sums from souvenir shops in Liyue and Mondstadt. On occasion, it’s a drop from the weekly Wolf of the North boss fight in Mondstadt.

Thoma requires one sliver, nine fragments, nine chunks, and six gemstones. If you have any overflow, all Agnidus Agate can be crafted into higher levels using a Crafting Bench.

Genshin Impact Smoldering Pearl locations

Smoldering Pearls can be obtained by defeating the Pyro Hypostasis found north of the Kujou Encampment in Inazuma. You’ll obtain one to three Smoldering Pearls for every victory. The Hypostasis also drops the Agnidus Agate that Thoma needs. It might save you some time to farm Smoldering Pearls and Agnidus Agate simultaneously.

Genshin Impact Flouresent Fungus locations

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to farm Fluorescent Fungus until Genshin Impact Version 2.2 is available. It’s a new item that will be presumably found on the Tsurumi island map, which arrives in Version 2.2.

Once it’s available, you’ll need 168 total Fluorescent Fungus to max out Thoma.

Genshin Impact Treasure Hoarder Insignia locations

Thoma requires Treasure Hoarder Insignia, Silver Raven Insignia, and Golden Raven Insignia throughout leveling up his character. These are necessities for both increasing his talent level and ascending his level cap.

All three items are found by killing human enemies affiliated with the Treasure Hoarders. Treasure Hoarder Insignia is dropped by any slain human enemy; Silver Raven Insignia are dropped by level 40 and up humans; Golden Raven Insignia are dropped by humans that are level 60 and higher.

As seen in the video above, the best way to collect numerous Treasure Hoarder Insignia in quick succession is by following a farming route. You can begin in the Liyue mountains then make your way around the land, ending at Dragonspine. If you have a strong character and all available waypoints unlocked, this should be a piece of cake. Venti is especially helpful for this. His Elemental Burst allows him to do massive AoE attacks, decimating nearby Treasure Hoarders with a single attack.

To ascend Thoma to his max level, you'll need a total of 18 Treasure Hoarder Insignia, 30 Silver Raven Insignia, and 36 Golden Raven Insignia. If you're trying to max out Thoma's talents, you'll need 18 Treasure Hoarder Insignia, 66 Silver Raven Insignia, and 93 Golden Raven Insignia.

Genshin Impact Transcience talent scroll locations

You'll need Transcience series scrolls to max out Thoma’s talents.

This series consists of Teachings of Transcience, Guide to Transcience, and Philosophies of Transcience. All three can be obtained as drops from the Violet Court domain located on Kannazuka island in Inazuma. You first need to be Adventure Rank 27 to access the domain. Once it’s available, you need to visit the domain on Monday or Thursday, or Sunday to secure the drops.

For specific numbers, Thoma requires nine Teachings of "Transcience," 63 Guide to "Transcience," and 114 Philosophies of "Transcience."

Genshin Impact Crown of Insight locations

A Crown of Insight is required to max out every single late-level talent in Genshin Impact, and that includes Thoma. Alas, you cannot farm the Crown of Insight at a controlled pace. It's primarily acquired through events at a rate of around one Crown per event.

If you can’t wait for another event, you can also nab a Crown of Insight by upgrading the Frostbearing Tree in Dragonspine to level 11 or by increasing the level of your Sacred Sakura’s Favor in Inazuma. The Sacred Sakura currently unlocks Crowns of Insight at levels 5, 15, and 25.

Genshin Impact Hellfire Butterfly locations

If you have yet to complete the Inazuma Archon Quests, the answer to this is a tiny spoiler.

After finishing Inazuma, you’ll unlock La Signora as a new weekly boss fight in a Trounce Domain in Tenshukaku. She drops numerous items, including the Hellfire Butterfly. You can challenge Signora once per week. Hopefully, she’ll deliver the drop that you need.

If you don’t get Hellfire Butterflies, you can combine Dream Solvent with the drop you did get to nab some Hellfire Butterflies. This can be completed at any alchemy crafting stand.

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