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How to solve the Haypasia domain courtyard puzzle in Genshin Impact 3.0

Every step in the “Silent Seeker of Knowledge” quest.

Traveler looking up at Sumeru tree of life

Sumeru is really out here reminding Genshin Impact players to have responsible highs. In the newly released version 3.0 update, forest ranger Tighnari tasks the Traveler with delivering a bento box to a researcher called Haypasia, who went too long without eating in her meditative state. However, when they get to her cave, the Traveler witnesses a Kokiri-like forest spirit that sends them into a vivid “hallucination.” What seems like a simple delivery request evolves into something more complicated as players try to find their way out of a mushroom-filled domain.

This quest, also known as “Silent Seeker of Knowledge,” involves finding three Primeval Rosin to open a closed door and defeating the enemies throughout the domain. It also sometimes weaves in and out of different sceneries from the rainforest to a mysterious hardwood home.

Here’s a walkthrough of the Haypasia cave dungeon in the quest and puzzles like “how to investigate the courtyard.”

How to use Bouncy Mushrooms and Four-Leaf Sigils

Your main goal is to eventually open that glowing bulb-shaped door.


You might already know how to use Bouncy Mushrooms and Four-Leaf Sigils if you moderately explored Sumeru before this quest. If so, skip this section.

The Haypasia cave dungeon has Bouncy Mushrooms and Four-Leaf Sigils to help maneuver around the room. If you ever find yourself stuck, bounce on top of the nearest mushroom and see where to glide or transfer to using a Four-Leaf Sigil. As a reminder, all you need to do to use a Four-Leaf Sigil is have it within view of your camera and not have anything barring your way.

How to find three Primeval Rosin

You need three Primeval Rosin to open the domain’s main door. Thankfully, it’s a fairly intuitive task if you follow the quest markers. The first Primeval Rosin pops up as you’re walking through a natural cave at the beginning of the domain. It looks like a golden seed sticking out of a torch-shaped plant.


Keep following the markers until you reach a mushroom-filled room with enemies in the lower level of one of these natural caverns. The enemies are fairly weak, like mushrooms and Hilichurls, so they aren’t too difficult to defeat. Grab the Exquisite Chest that spawns from the ground after defeating them and before riding the green bubble pictured below. This transports you to the second Primeval Rosin in the upper part of the dungeon.


The quest markers eventually lead out of the upper cavern and loop back to the forest pit from the beginning of the dungeon. At this point, you should see a quest marker next to the last Primeval Rosin. Use the Bouncy Mushrooms and Four-Leaf Sigils to glide to the area and pick it up. Then, tweak your camera to get a Four-Leaf Sigil in view and transport yourself to the locked door.


The Primeval Rosin might take a few seconds to completely transfer into the door but they will. The path behind the door should lead to the courtyard section.

How to investigate the courtyard

The first part of the courtyard conundrum is easy. Follow the corridor into the courtyard and walk up to the front of the room. A golden spot of light should be waiting near where the petals are scattered on the ground. There’s also a locked door to your left, but it’s not open yet.

Now, this is the confusing part. You can’t pick anything up from the golden spot. There isn’t a prompt about what to do, either. In its place, a quiet puzzle lurks in the background of the room.

The light is a lie. Look beyond the barrier.


If you stand right where the light is, you should see two halves of a flower icon drawn on two nearby rocks. Adjust your camera until the two parts glow and become whole. The room should visibly shift afterward and unlock the door. A new quest marker should also appear.

The rest of the dungeon is as easy as seeing the quest markers to the end. There’s a boss battle with an “old friend” that shouldn’t be anything different from past encounters.

Genshin Impact is available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, iOS, and Android.

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