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Where to find Liben in Genshin Impact's Marvelous Merchandise event

What's in the box?

Genshin Impact is a free-to-play open-world RPG that's often compared to Breath of the Wild, except because it's a live service game, it has periodic events. A co-op combat event called Elemental Crucible ran in early October, but the second event called Marvelous Merchandise just began on October 26.

What is this event? How long will it last and how do you participate?

When is the Genshin Impact Marvelous Merchandise event end date?

The Marvelous merchandise event began on October 26 and will conclude on November 2 at 4 a.m. Eastern.

How do you play Genshin Impact's Marvelous Merchandise event?

Once you hit Adventure Rank 12, you'll be eligible to participate in the Marvelous Merchandise event. To complete the event, all you need to do is log on every day and locate a pompadoured man named Liben (pictured below).

Liben himself, ready to dole out a task.


Every day, he'll ask that you hand over 10 copies of a common item. Once you deliver what he requests, Liben will give you access to a single Box o' Marvels. You can complete one delivery per day, earning one chance to open a Box O' Marvels each day. You'll store those chances until the event concludes, meaning you can choose to open all seven boxes at once on the final day, rather than opening one a day.

Where is Liben located today in Genshin Impact?

Liben's location changes every day when the server resets at 4 a.m. Eastern. He can appear throughout Teyvat during the event period. You can receive a hint of his location by using the Marvelous Merchandise event page found by clicking the Compass icon on your shortcut wheel. Once he's found, Liben's icon will appear on your map until he moves to his new location the following day.

Here's a rundown of Liben's known locations and requests (this list will be updated every day with Liben's latest location and current request):

Day 1, October 26 — Liben is located in Mondstadt across from Flora's flower stand to the right of the city's front gate. He asks for 10 Mushrooms.

Day 2, October 27 – Liben is located in Springvale. He's in the very back of the Hunter's Village. Head up the staircase located behind the large windmill and you'll see him. Liben asks for 10 Pinecones.

Day 3, October 28 – Liben is located at the Dawn Winery, close to the main building's entrance. He asks for 10 Berries.

Day 4, October 29 – Liben is located at Stone Gate in Liyue. You'll find him next to Pops Zhou's tea shop. He asks for 10 Sunsettia fruits.

Day 5, October 30 – Liben is located at the Wangshu Inn in Liyue on the ground floor, close to the north. He asks for 10 Apples.

Day 6, October 31 – Liben is located by the Statue of the Seven in Sea of Clouds. After teleporting to the statue, head south slightly to find him. He asks for 10 Carrots.

Day 7, November 1 – Liben is located in Liyue Harbor, beneath the northernmost Teleportation Waypoint. He asks for 10 Radishes.

What are Genshin Impact's Marvelous Merchandise event rewards?

After completing Liben's request, you'll be able to open one of his Box o' Marvels. There are seven to unlock throughout the event. According to a Reddit thread where players compared rewards from their boxes, the contents are completely random. Even those who chose the same box-type seemed to obtain wildly different rewards. While randomized, all boxes appear to pull from the same reward pool.

We currently know of a few possible rewards:

  • 30 Primogems and 40,000 Mora
  • 30 Primogems and three Green copies of each talent-leveling book
  • 30 Primogems, three Adventurer’s Experience, and three Hero’s Wit.
  • 30 Primogems, six Fine Enhancement, and five Mystic Enhancement.

There are many more possibilities. It seems the only constant is that you'll receive 30 Primogems from opening a box.

Players who have reached Adventure Rank 20 and unlocked Genshin Impact's Battle Pass will also receive 1200 Battle Pass experience points for delivering to Liben on five different days.

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