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4 steps to beat Genshin Impact's Elemental Crucible in 3 minutes or less

Gotta go fast!

Genshin Impact, the open-world game inspired by Breath of the Wild with an anime aesthetic, has finally kicked off their first event, Elemental Crucible.

In the event, players need to team up in groups consisting of two to four players. They'll defeat waves of foes to obtain Elemental Clots used to power alchemic machine. The quicker you can power the alchemic machine, the better your rewards. One of the best rewards is earned by finishing Elemental Crucible in 3 minutes or less.

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What's the reward for finishing Elemental Crucible within 3 minutes?

If you can finish a run of the Elemental Crucible event within 3 minutes, you'll receive a reward via your Alchemy Handbook which can be accessed using the Elemental Crucible event page. If you don't know how to enter the menu, it varies based on your platform. Click F5 if you're on PC, tap the compass on your smartphone, or use the Shortcut Wheel on the PlayStation 4.

You'll find a litany of prizes for completing various tasks including finishing the objective within 3 minutes. The reward is eight Mystic Enhancement Ores and four Hero's Wit experience books. These rewards will allow you to level up your weapon and the character that wields it.

Here's how to accomplish it in four easy steps.

Jade Parcels, a pancea for your worries.


Step 1: Prepare your best character and stat-boosting food

To succeed in the event, you'll need a character with a high attack level to slice through foes. Characters with powerful AoE (Area of Effect) attacks like Venti and DPS-centric characters like those that use Claymores such as Razor or Diluc. If you're not sure what characters are effective, make sure to check out our tier list.

Level up both your character and their weapon to the maximum level available to prepare for the Elemental Crucible. You'll be one of four players. Each player involved needs to have enough power to contribute.

You shouldn't stop at reaching the level cap on both your weapon and character. You should also cook a meal that bolsters attack like Jade Parcels, which can be gained by completing the Cooking Showdown questline in Mondstadt. By eating Jade Parcels, you'll gain up to 320 attack points and an additional 10 percent critical hit rate for 300 seconds.

Step 2: Gather your friends

Completing the challenge will require a lot of coordination, making it rather difficult to pull off with random players you're matched with. Try filling the party with your friends if possible. It'll give you space to debrief a plan.

If that's not possible, try checking online forums for matchmaking or make your goal to beat it in 3 minutes abundantly clear to the randoms that you join.

A successful runner.


Step 3: Make a plan

You're not going to finish this on time without a plan.

You want Elemental Clots to spawn as frequently as possible. To make that happen, you need to take down the elite enemies swiftly. While these foes are alive, your entire party should focus on a single target together to take it down as quickly as possible.

Now you need to prepare for what to do when the Elemental Clots actually spawn. Numerous normal foes will also spawn alongside an Elemental Clot wave. If they hit you while you're ferrying Elemental Clots to the alchemic device, you'll drop your entire Elemental Clot stock.

To avoid this, assign your party positions prior to starting an Elemental Crucible run.

Three players in your party should be on Elemental Clot collection duty, ferrying up to three clots of the same color at a time. Each one should also be assigned a direction like north, south, east, and west to patrol. This way, you cover the most possible ground in the least time. The direction that's not explicitly assigned in this process will be free for any player ferrying clots to take over once they've finished their section. Players assigned to clot duty should not attack any enemies while there are still clots to collect.

The fourth player in your party is focused on defeating enemies, starting with those closest to the alchemic machine. This person is crucial for keeping your party safe and allowing your clot-runners to ferry in peace. Ideally, this role is performed by a player that has a strong AoE attack, but whoever you assign will be enough.

Step 4: Put it into practice

You now know everything you need to win Elemental Crucible in just three short minutes. Go forth and do it!

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