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Everything you need to know about Dainsleif in Genshin Impact

Who is this man?

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Genshin Impact features a massive roster. The game currently houses 28 characters and more are on the way. We know some of these characters from leaks, but one character named Dainsleif was announced the day the game was officially released. And yet, he remains shrouded in mystery. The version 1.3 update is added a new quest featuring the character, formally introducing the character to those that don't keep tabs on the

Before that happens, here's everything we know about Dainsleif.

When is the Genshin Impact Dainsleif release date?

It's unknown when Dainsleif will be playable. He'll likely arrive closer to the end of the storyline introduced in the Teyvat chapter trailer. Perhaps he'll become playable in early 2022 or 2023?

His weapon and element are currently unknown.

Who is the Dainsleif voice actor for Genshin Impact?

Dainsleif is voiced by Yuri Lowenthal in English (best known as the voice of Peter Parker in Insomniac Games' Spider-Man video games) and Kenjiro Tsuda in Japanese.

Who is Dainsleif in Genshin Impact?

Dainsleif is an enigmatic character that was first introduced in the Genshin Impact story trailer that walked the viewer through all the upcoming regions and storylines coming to the game. Dainsleif acted as the trailer's narrator. We got our first look at him when the trailer concluded. He's linked to a blurred out act in the game titled "The Dream Yet to Be Dreamed."

Following his initial appearance, Dainsleif has narrated every Collected Miscellany trailer, which provides gameplay demos for upcoming characters. In the videos, he walks viewers through what new characters can do gameplay-wise while providing his own commentary on their person.

It was through these videos that we learned that Dainsleif finds Zhongli's callous nature and use of contracts to be a bad look for a ruler. Additionally, Dainsleif's commentary has provided inklings of information on his own backstory.

Dainsleif is seemingly from the lost nation of Khaenri'ah, which isn't under the watch of an Archon (a term given to Genshin Impact's gods). He seems to view himself as the world's protector. In his narration for Albedo's video, Dainsleif notes that he's closely observing Albedo. Dainsleif stated that he could not "let myself ignore it" if Albedo made a "wrong move." This could tie in with his title of Bough Keeper.

Dainsleif's in-game visage.


Alternatively, this could mean he's connected to miHoYo's other game, Honkai Impact 3rd. A "bough" is a tree branch. As Bough Keeper, Dainsleif might be the protector of the Imaginary Tree assigned to Genshin Impact's world. The Imaginary Tree is a concept in Honkai Impact that suggests every world is a branch on a tree. If Honkai Impact and Genshin Impact are on the same tree, it could mean Dainsleif is what's stopping crossovers from occurring.

Dainsleif shows disdain for the Archons in Teyvat, going as far as to name Mondstadt as a "free nation" due to its lack of a ruler. This indicates he might see areas with Archons as captive.

Other lines show that Dainsleif has been around for a long time. During Venti's Collected Miscellany, Dainsleif notes that he doesn't "lack time," suggesting a degree of immortality, similar to the Archons. In the same video, Dainsleif states that it's been 1000 years since the Mondstadt Archon, Barbatos, left the country. But to him, it had only been half that time. Perhaps this means that Dainsleif was comatose for 500 years or that he perceives time at twice the speed of a normal being.

Genshin Impact isn't above giving their supporting cast overly complex stories like how Katheryne might be a robot or that Klee's mother is from our world.

Further details about Dainsleif have yet to be revealed. But he wants the Traveler to defeat him down the line, according to the Genshin Impact story video. Dainsleif seemingly has a connection to the Traveler's lost sibling.

In the story trailer, Dainsleif says "Show me you are worthier than I to save her" while a picture of the male Traveler is shown. During his in-game quest added in version 1.3, Dainsleif will give the player a short quiz, concluding with him telling the male traveler that he's "similar to her." This is confirmed to mean the Traveler's sibling as when you play through the same section as the female Traveler, Dainsleif uses he/him pronouns to describe the person he's comparing the Traveler to, suggesting that the non-player twin is the one he knows.

According to the in-game mission, the non-player Traveler was previously a traveling companion to Dainsleif.

Venti, the Anemo Archon.


Is Dainsleif an Archon in Genshin Impact?

No, Dainsleif is not an Archon. He seems to have similar abilities to the Archons, or at least the same longevity that they do.

Jean once mentioned Khaenri'ah's "heroic king." Given Dainsleif's age and role as a protector, some fans believe Dainsleif is that heroic king.

How is Dainsleif connected to Kaeya and Albedo in Genshin Impact?

Dainsleif is said to hail from Khaenri'ah. This is the same nation that Kaeya is said to be from. The two characters also have the same eye color and both wear an eyepatch, leading some fans to believe they're the same character. This is the only connection the two characters have so far.

Albedo's connection to Dainsleif is equally thin. Dainsleif only mentions paying close attention to Albedo due to his practice of the ancient art of Khemia. Supposedly, the art of Khemia is what led to Khaenri'ah's downfall 500 years before Genshin Impact's main plot.

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