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Where to find 3 Tomato Baskets for Fortnite's Season 5, Week 4 challenge

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Fortnite holds a challenge around every corner. Between Deadpool, Master Chief, and The Avengers there's always a challenge to be had and a reward to be obtained in Fortnite.

For week four of the latest Fortnite season, one challenge asks you to raid a local farm of their tomato stash, via a Tomato Basket. There are three locations to potentially find tomatoes, but each farm only houses one Tomato Basket. If a player reaches the Tomato Basket before you do, the basket will disappear for the remainder of the match. Know where you need to go before the match begins so you can make a mad dash to your local tomato farm.

Here's where you can find every tomato stash in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 5, Week 2.

Fortnite Season 5 Tomato Stash locations

You can find all the necessary tomato stashes in the farmland surrounding Colossal Coliseum.

All three tomato stashes.

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All three locations are north of Colossal Coliseum. All you need to do is reach one with the tomato still present to complete the challenge. We've denoted each location more specifically by placing a fully ripe tomato on the map. If you're attempting to complete this challenge, have this map handy and try to hit the farm that best intersects with your battle bus' path.

If you need further details about how to hit each one in the fastest manner possible, hopefully avoiding potential tomato stand-offs.

How to reach tomato farm number 1 in Fortnite

You're going to head to the farm location that's just northeast of the colosseum. You'll find a house when you land. Enter using a door found on the house's northernmost side. There will be some loose produce by the entrance. Turn left immediately after entering to find a kitchen and a wooden stand. If it's still available, the Tomato Basket will be sitting atop the wooden stand, ready for you to nab it. There will be a blue hue surrounding it, so you know the basket is important.

How to reach tomato farm number 2 in Fortnite

The second Tomato Basket is located in a red barn, within the building's attic. Try to land on the roof and wack it open with your pickax. If you miss the roof, don't worry, you can also reach it via the stairs. You'll find the Tomato Basket in the southernmost corner of the attic.

How to reach tomato farm number 3 in Fortnite

The third tomato farm is directly across from the second. Enter a white house, and head inside until you locate a fridge on the first floor. The tomato basket will be to the left of the fridge.

Now you've got your tomato selection, you can only hope that Fortnite requests a pizza in a later challenge.

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