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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 adds a classic Xbox character as a hunter

We already knew it. But now it's real.

master chief from halo joins fortnite
Epic Games / Microsoft

Fortnite is a nonstop crossover machine. As if a giant crossover with Marvel Comics during Chapter 2 Season 4 and a special appearance of The Mandalorian during Season 5 weren't enough, we learned that Master Chief from the Halo series is coming to Fortnite during The Game Awards.

This crossover was confirmed during a special trailer that teased what players can expect from the future of Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 5. Master Chief comes with a Warthog vehicle and a glider based on the Pelican airship. He will be available starting tonight, December 10. Check out his reveal trailer below.

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That wasn't all that was revealed tonight either. The Blood Gultch was confirmed to be a map in Fortnite Creative that will be available starting on December 11, and skins based on Daryl and Michonne from The Walking Dead are also coming to the game. Check out the full blog post about Fortnite'sThe Game Awards announcement to learn more.

The Game Awards not only serves as the video games industry's version of the Oscars where developers can get rewarded for their hard work, but it houses tons of announcements as well. Some, like the new Super Smash Bros. fighter and this Fortnite announcement, were teased beforehand. Epic Games teased just six hours before the show that a "sneak peek at the next Hunter" would air during the show.

Unfortunately, this Fortnite reveal was also spoiled due to a leak.

Shortly after Season 5 of Fortnite began earlier this month, the game was quickly data-mined. Players found a variety of upcoming skins in the game, including ones for God of War's Kratos and Master Chief from Halo. While Kratos was added into the game shortly after the leak, Epic Games stayed silent on Master Chief's inclusion until The Game Awards.

Fortnite is one of very few games that exists on virtually every possible platform, so it's only fitting that it can also serve as the home for both Xbox and PlayStation crossovers. Now, we just need Nintendo to get in on the fun. Like Kratos, Master Chief's skins should be unlockable and playable on any system Fortnite is on, so you don't need to worry about having an Xbox One, Xbox Series S, or Xbox Series X in order to use him.

This crossover should also hopefully tide over Halo fans after the delay of Halo Infinite. While the game was originally supposed to be the Xbox Series X's flagship launch title, it was pushed back. Earlier this week, a developer update revealed Halo Infinite's new release window of fall 2021. Until then, all Halo fans can do is hope to see Master Chief pop up in more crossovers like this.

Fortnite is available now across all major platforms.

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