Fortnite's Deadpool skin will take you weeks to get and costs real money

Here's what you need to know for the first week of Season 2.

Fortnite Season 2, Chapter 2 launched in the early hours of February 20. Seeking to best its own mythos, Fortnite will now permanently guest star one of the only pop-culture icons more ubiquitous than the game itself: Deadpool. The merc with the mouth is the latest skin players can obtain. While you're waiting for Deadpool 3, why not snag a sparkly new cosplay through Fortnite’s Weekly Deadpool Challenges? Here's everything you need to know.

How to initiate the Weekly Deadpool Challenges

It's not easy being a beloved Marvel character, since everyone wants a piece of your metaphorical pie. You'll need to do little extra work to get your favorite things.

Unlocking Deadpool requires that you go through a series of weekly challenges, and you'll have to spend some real-world money upfront.

Before we get into the weeds of challenges, make sure you’re using the paid version of the Battle Pass. Unfortunately, there's no way for Free-To-Play Fortnite players to obtain Deadpool.

Once purchased, you can access the various Deadpool-themed challenges through the main menu. On the middle right, above the new secret agent themed table, you’ll see a circular vent. Click on the vent to be transported to Deadpool’s extra-messy Fortnite lair.

Deadpool's Fortnite Home

Epic Games

In the lair, you’ll see all sorts of memorabilia: an Avengers “A,” a Deadpool mask, and toilet paper. You'll want to click is the computer on the right side. This will give you access to the first week of Deadpool Challenges.

There's only one available at first: “Find Deadpool’s letter to Epic Games.” The second will unlock after you find the letter. It’s unclear right now whether only one challenge will be unlocked at a time when new challenges are added.

How to complete Week 1 of Deadpool’s Fortnite challenge

Finding the letter is easy! You don’t even have to play a match to get it in your clammy hands. Back out of the computer challenge screen, look to your left, below the urinal in Deadpool’s lair, there you’ll see a blue icon, denoting the letter. Surprise! It’s a missive telling Epic how they can redesign their iconic Battle Bus to Deadpool’s standards!

Deadpool's kind letter to Epic Games

Epic Games

Return to the computer with your findings to receive your next step toward earning the skin. Your next task is equally laughable. To complete “Don't thank the bus driver,” simply enter a game and avoid thanking your bus driver! It’s that easy, unless you’re a devoutly courteous chap, and find forgoing basic etiquette especially tough.

That's all you need to know for week one of the Deadpool Fortnite challenges. You'll need to make sure to complete next week’s missions to keep working toward that perfect attire.

New Deadpool missions in Fortnite drop every Thursday.

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