'Deadpool 3': Creator Rob Liefeld Says the Future With Disney Is "Bright"

The creator of Deadpool remembers the moment he knew Deadpool would be just fine.

Deadpool is a survivor. That’s how creator Rob Liefeld describes him in a new interview with Inverse, who teases that Wade Wilson’s future in Hollywood is pretty secure under Mickey Mouse and Walt Disney.

"Deadpool is the face of Walt Disney now, dude.” — Rob Liefeld

In an interview promoting his newest comic book series for Marvel, Major X, Liefeld comments on the state of the Deadpool films now that Disney owns the film and TV rights to the character, along with the rest of the X-Men. 

“I’m pretty sure the future is secure,” Liefeld tells Inverse. “Deadpool is a survivor, man. He made the leap and said, ‘Thanks, I’ll be on the [Disney] homepage.’”

Liefeld makes it clear that he does not speak on behalf of actor Ryan Reynolds nor anyone at Disney, but from what Liefeld is privy to, he’s comfortable saying that Deadpool is going to be just fine.

“Everything I have heard, everything I know, points to Deadpool having a bright future,” he says. “Official news is for Disney to share.”

At CinemaCon 2019 in Las Vegas, hours after Liefeld spoke to Inverse, Disney CEO Alan Horn said on stage: “You’ll be seeing more of Deadpool in the years to come.” It was not confirmed whether or not actor Ryan Reynolds will return to the role for Deadpool 3, but for what it’s worth, Reynolds has shared a handful of memes on social media that reference the acquisition.

In March 2019, Disney’s near $60 billion acquisition of 21st Century Fox was finalized. In addition to Fox’s shares in Hulu and TV networks like FX and National Geographic, Disney now holds the reins over coveted media franchises like Alien, Avatar, The Simpsons, and James Cameron’s Titanic, still one of the highest-grossing movies of all time. The acquisition also gives “back” to Marvel the film and TV rights to some of its comic book properties, including the X-Men, Fantastic Four, and Deadpool.

Liefeld remembers the moment when it all became real. It was an otherwise normal evening at the Liefeld residence when the comic book creator got a text from his sister. “I’m laying there, it’s ten o’clock, I’m about to fall asleep.” Liefeld’s sister asked him if he had seen the Walt Disney homepage yet. Liefeld remembers thinking: “Huh?”

“I zoomed all the way there, clicked on the link, and lo and behold, who’s looking back at me but my beautiful baby boy, Mr. Deadpool,” he says. Indeed, upon the the merger’s confirmation, Disney’s homepage featured a collage of Disney and Fox media. There Deadpool was, sandwiched in between Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts and Mickey Mouse.

It was a “holy shiznizzle” moment, Liefeld says. “Deadpool is the face of Walt Disney now, dude.”

Screenshot of the Walt Disney corporate website's banner image, upon the finalization of the Disney-Fox merger in March 2019.

Walt Disney

While fans are eager to see big screen crossovers now that the X-Men can legally meet the Avengers, the ripple effects of such a large-scale media consolidation are expected to be just as big. In late March, the first round of layoffs at Fox began in what could be as much as a loss of 4,000 jobs.

For fans, the future is also uncertain. But Liefeld is not worried. “I believe the future is bright. Otherwise you’re not on the homepage.”

Major X #1 is available in stores now.

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