'Deadpool 2' on Netflix: Why It's Never Happening, and How to Stream It

We see all of you looking for Deadpool 2 on Netflix. We know. And we’re sorry to tell you, it’s not happening. Deadpool 2, as well as a bunch of other Fox movies, aren’t being made available to Netflix. Besides the fact that many Fox movies historically haven’t streamed on Netflix, the imminent arrival of Disney+ seals that deal.

On Tuesday, Disney held a public call for investors that a ton of Star Wars fans listened in on due to popular rumor that Disney would reveal the title for Star Wars: Episode IX. (In hindsight, we were all delusional for thinking this is how a major movie’s title would be announced.)

During the call, Disney CEO Bob Iger noted that Captain Marvel, the upcoming Marvel superhero film starring Brie Larson, will be the first Disney/Marvel film to stream exclusively to Disney+ after its theatrical debut. (The last Marvel film to go up on a competing platform, Netflix, is Ant-Man and the Wasp.)

Disney also maintained that Fox franchises such as Deadpool will retain brand integrity, meaning future Deadpool movies will be R-rated. Furthermore, now that Disney owns 60% of the streaming service Hulu (following its acquisition of Fox), it is likely that R-rated content will stream on Hulu rather Disney+.

So that’s that. Deadpool 2 will not be on Netflix, as Disney and Netflix have pretty much entered a nasty divorce. Not that Deadpool 2 was going to be on it anyway; even the first Deadpool was never made available to stream on Netflix. Neither were other big Fox movies like Logan or War for the Planet of the Apes.

But if one can’t stream Deadpool 2 on Netflix, then where? Well, aside from storefronts like Google, iTunes, and Vudu, Deadpool 2 will begin streaming on HBO Go and HBO Now on February 16. Yup, the land of Game of Thrones and Westworld is where Deadpool will roam free.

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