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Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Feed for Piko Guide and All Rewards

Go the extra mile to snag some sweet gear for Piko.

artwork featuring chocobo from Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth
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So you’ve gone and gotten yourself trapped in Gold Saucer’s Dustbowl prison in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, and now the only way out is by finding sylkis greens for a chocobo. I get it, we’ve all been there. Fortunately, the Dustbowl is packed with chocobo feed that just happens to be guarded by a few quest givers.

The Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth quest Feed for Piko, part of the Gearing up for the Race questline, tasks players with tracking down enough sylkis greens to nurse Piko the chocobo back to health. At the end of the quest, you unlock chocobo racing, a minigame returning from the original Final Fantasy 7. What isn’t clear is where to find them or even how many Piko needs to get back in running shape. Here’s how to complete Feed for Piko as quickly as possible, and how to get the best rewards for going the extra mile.

Feed for Piko rewards

Terrify the competition in the Gi chocobo set.

Square Enix

All told, there are six sylkis greens hidden around the Dustbowl. Only three are needed to complete this stage of the quest. However, we highly recommend getting all six unless you’re in a big hurry. Each activity that awards chocobo feed has additional rewards, like Queen’s Blood cards, and extra greens can be traded in for the Gi chocobo gear. This gear doesn’t just make Piko look fierce —it also offers bonuses in chocobo racing, which is the next step of the Gearing up for the Race quest.

Desert Rush

A quick round of Desert Rush will net you a bundle of sylkis greens.

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One bundle sylkis greens can be found right next door to Piko’s pen. Just turn right after exiting and head to the Desert Rush booth nearby. This is a returning minigame from Final Fantasy 7 Remake, which challenges Cloud to smash as many boxes as possible within a time limit to earn points. The minigame itself is self-explanatory — just thwack away at boxes until the time expires. Hitting even the lowest target score will earn you a bundle of sylkis greens, but you can also earn Tifa’s Dragon Claws weapon for hitting the hardest target.

The Bartender’s Untended Garden

The Bartender’s Untended Garden is one of the toughest parts of the Gearing up for the Race quest.

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On the other side of Piko’s pen, there’s a bar when you can nab another bundle of greens. Just talk to the bartender there to receive The Bartender’s Untended Garden subquest. To complete this, head to the garden that will be marked on your map to gather some greens. Despite sounding simple, this is actually one of the longer stages of the Feed for Piko quest. When you reach the garden, a cactuar will run off with the sylkis greens. Getting them back means following the cactuar as it dashes around a large area and defeating quite a few tough enemies along the way. You’ll get a good amount of items, materia, and experience points for the trouble, making this well worth the effort.


Give the suspicious men a stern talking to for more sylkis greens.

Square Enix

Head outside the bar and hang a left to see three strange men hanging around outside. Approach them and they’ll suggest you head “somewhere more quiet.” Head into the darkened building to their right and find the spot where Cloud can squeeze through a gap in the wall. The men will follow Cloud and initiate a fight. There’s nothing too tough about them — just beat them up a bit to pilfer another bundle of sylkis greens.

Swindling Seminar

Sniff out the swindler to score a reward.

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The rest of the sylkis greens subquest are clustered in the south of the Dustbowl. Head toward the entrance of the prison and you’ll find a section of the wall to your right that you can crawl under. Just inside, speak to Conniving Caglio to start Swindling Seminar. Here, five trainee con artists are learning the tricks of the trade, and Cloud has to figure out which one is telling the truth by investigating their claims about the Dustbowl. Select number three, Sloppy Shawn, who correctly identifies the title of Dustbowl leader Gus’ autobiography, Meditations of the Outlaw Life.

Beast Battleground

Cloud likes to solve problems with his sword, and the Beast Battleground lets him.

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At the end of the same path is the entrance to the Beast Battleground. It’s hard to miss, since the entrance is a giant hole in the ground. Head down to enter the Sylkis Cup, a series of monster battles that awards a bundle of sylkis greens. Once you’ve earned your greens, there are additional fights that offer more rewards, but they’re not needed for this quest.

Peculiar Card Players

A few rounds of Queen’s Blood are all that stand between you and chocobo racing.

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This can be the longest stage of the quest, and potentially the most frustrating depending on how you feel about Queen’s Blood. Personally, I throw down with every Queen’s Blood player I can, but if you’re looking to finish this quest as quickly as possible, skipping this step is a good idea. Pass through the empty box car on the way out of the Beast Battleground to find the owner of the Dustbowl’s one and only casino. He complains that three tough Queen’s Blood players are wrecking his business and asks Cloud to defeat them. The Queen’s Blood players are marked on your map, located next to the bar that offered The Bartender’s Untended Garden. Defeat them to snag the last bundle of sylkis greens and add a few choice cards to your Queen’s Blood deck.

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