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How to Get Your Hands on Some Scarletite in Final Fantasy XVI

Clive needs some fresh duds.

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Final Fantasy XVI is filled with various armor and weapons for Clive, many of which require a healthy dose of crafting materials. While the game liberally rewards you with materials across the experience, there are some rarer components you’ll need to track down yourself, like Scarletite.

This material is essential for crafting the Drakeslayer’s Belt and Drakeslayer’s Bracelets, two of Clive’s very best pieces of armor. Here’s exactly how to get your hands on the Scarletite you need in Final Fantasy XVI.

The Drakeslayer’s Belt and Bracelets are the best armor you can get until near the end of Final Fantasy XVI.

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Your first encounter with Scarletite will come through a sidequest. If you haven’t unlocked it yet, here’s when it becomes available.

Shortly after you reach the new Hideaway, a sidequest will unlock called “Blacksmith’s Blues,” which will be marked with a “+” sign. This sees Clive help figure out what’s bothering Blackthorne, and it’s a fairly straightforward quest that just has you following objective markers. Once it’s complete you’ll get the recipe for both the Drakeslayer’s Belt and Drakeslayer’s Bracelets.

How to Get Scarletite in FF16

Completing Hunts is the easiest way to get Scarletite, and grants a bunch of experience and Gil to boot.

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You’ll already have one piece of Scarletite by defeating the Griffin Dozmare in Blacksmith’s Blues, but you’ll need another piece to craft any one of the items in the Drakeslayer’s set. You have two options here — complete a sidequest or do a B-tier Hunt.

Scarletite is a reward for completing the “Hot Water” side quest, which pops up in Dhalmekia during the “Riddle of the Sands” main quest. This is roughly halfway through Act 2, which starts after the time-skip.

Alternatively, there are three different Hunts you can complete for Scarletite as well. These Hunts are The Man in Black (Holy Trumpitour), Hill to Dîe On (Fastitocalon), and The Ten of Clubs. All of these Hunts become available in Act 2 and 3 of the main story, so you shouldn’t need to progress too far in order to get at least one to unlock.

How to Get Other Materials For Drakeslayer’s Belt and Bracelets in FF16

Scarletite is by far the rarest resource you need, but there are a few other materials to nab for the Drakeslayer’s armor as well. We’ll walk through each one below.

Drakeslayer’s Belt

  • 1 Dragon Talon - Dropped by any dragon-type enemy (Aevis, Wår Wyrm, etc), dragons are plentiful in the Royal Meadows of Sanbreque.
  • 1 Electrum - Defeat the Notorious Mark Severian, found in Rosaria to the North of Sorrowise
  • 20 Briar Clam Shells - Found lying on the ground in Rosaria, or can purchase from Charon’s Toll for 30 gil each.

Drakeslayer’s Bracelets

  • 1 Dragon Talon - Same as above
  • 1 Gelatinous Mass - Defeat the Muddy Murder (Flan Prince) Notorious Mark. Found in the northern part of Hawk’s Cry Cliff in Southern Rosaria.
  • 20 Briar Clam Shells - Found lying on the ground in Rosaria, or can purchase from Charon’s Toll for 30 gil each.

Once you have all the materials simply head to Blackthorne in the Hideaway and craft your new equipment. Do note, however, that as the Drakeslayer Belt and Bracelets are unique pieces, they can’t be upgraded like normal equipment in Final Fantasy XVI.

Final Fantasy XVI is out now for PlayStation 5.

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