An Objective Ranking of FFXVI’s Dominants Based on If I Would Date Them

Final fantasy, indeed.

Final Fantasy XVI is a stunning new direction for Square Enix’s iconic RPG franchise. New combat, a mature story, and an all-star development team have already made this one of the best games the series has ever seen.

One of the standout aspects of Final Fantasy XVI is the Dominants, people who are granted the power to turn into Eikons (basically, big honkin’ magic monsters). Each one has their own powers, in addition to strengths and weaknesses as a person.

So we thought it best to rank them all by the most important metric there is — hotness.

8. Hugo

Square Enix

Immediately no. I just can’t. No number of shots could make me at all interested in Hugo. Maybe it’s because he’s just too jacked or maybe it's because he looks like he doesn’t respect women. Who's to say? I just can't stand the guy. But if you like him then go off, I guess. I’m not here to yuck anyone’s yum.

7. Barnabas

Square Enix

If you go any deeper than surface level with Barnabas you are immediately going to find a ton of red flags. He is definitely not the guy you want to end up with forever. But, hey, he’s hot. Kind of like if Clive was another decade older. I wouldn’t kick him out of bed... ok maybe I would in the morning.

SPOILER WARNING: Skip number six if you want to avoid all spoilers about Final Fantasy XVI.

Seriously. Last chance to skip and avoid spoilers.

Square Enix

6. Joshua

I think it was very brave of Final Fantasy 16 to fake Joshua’s death and then reveal several hours in that he is alive and grew up to be a twink. He’s cute, but I think he’s just a little too boyish in his adulthood to take seriously, no matter how hard he tries to seem important.

5. Clive

Square Enix

Final Fantasy games love a protagonist with mountains of trauma who needs fixing. Just look at Cloud! Clive follows that tradition, but is gruffer than those who came before him.

The best comparison I can make is to Game of Thrones’ Jon Snow — for better and for worse. As much as I love a fixer-upper, Clive seems like a lot of work and I think all of his rage comes from being a little too pent up in his life. Sure, he’s cute, but I just don’t think I have the energy.

4. Jill

Square Enix

Jill is the childhood crush that never quite goes away. She holds herself with such a regal beauty while having a reserved personality about her. Final Fantasy XVI obviously places her in the role of the the best woman in the game, and constantly shows how much love but also determination Jill is capable of. She’s perfect, if a little boring at times.

3. Dion

Square Enix

Dion continues the great tradition of Dragoons in Final Fantasy games being really hot. Sure, he has some trauma to work through over the course of the story but who doesn’t? He is the closest thing Final Fantasy XVI has to the fairytale prince, and his honorable charm is hard to resist. He seems like he’d treat you well.

2. Cid

Square Enix

From the second we meet Cid, he is oozing with charm. This never stops and he continuously cracks wise to Clive and other characters in such a way that makes him seem just so damn cool! Also, look at how he wears his shirts, he leaves them a little more undone than absolutely necessary so that he can show off.

Yet under all the bravado and charm Cid is one of the kindest characters in Final Fantasy XVI. He is absolutely husband material.

1. Benedikta

Square Enix

This is my list, and I have already made my taste in women abundantly clear on this site. Benedikta fits that mold perfectly. She is stunningly gorgeous and super mean. So that’s the number one spot settled for me.

Seriously, Benedikta gets done pretty dirty in Final Fantasy XVI, which is a massive disappointment for, I think, the most interesting female character the game has to offer. She deserves the world and I’d absolutely give it to her, even if she bullied me all the time.

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