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How to get the monstrous Godzilla skin in Fall Guys

This Kaiju came to party.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout crossovers are getting much ... bigger. Thus far, the battle royale meets game show obstacle course has crossed over with Enter the Gungeon and Half-Life, but now it's going to cross over with the might Godzilla.

While this collaboration was announced in October, it begins on November 3 and will run for just a couple of days. Here's what you need to know about Godzilla's grand return to video games!

Godzilla has been around in the video games sphere before, though the results have been mixed. There are some hidden gems like Godzilla: Save the Earth, but most are underwhelming. The latest Godzilla game that came out for PS4 in 2015 is very, very bad, averaging a score of just 38 on Metacritic.

Thankfully, we already know that Fall Guys is a fun game. This Godzilla outfit clearly has a lot of care put into it. The figure even carries a small car with a tiny Fall Guy in it. If you're a diehard Godzilla fan that wants to unlock this costume, here's what you need to do.

A look at the special Godzilla costume coming to Fall Guys.

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Step 1: Get 10 Crowns

This Godzilla crossover works the same as the Sonic the Hedgehog crossover. To get the Godzilla skin, you will need 10 Crowns. There are multiple ways you can get crowns in Fall Guys. First, you can receive them by winning matches. For every match you win, you are awarded 1 Crown, so try to win 10 rounds of Fall Guys in the coming days if you want Godzilla.

Alternatively, you unlock Crowns as you level up in Season 2 of Fall Guys. You level this performing well while playing and earning Fame, which serves as Fall Guys' version of experience points. You get one Crown at levels 3, 8, and 11, two Crowns at level 15, three Crowns at levels 21 and 26, and five Crowns at levels 31 and 36.

If you haven't spent these Crowns on anything else and started from nothing, you'll have enough to buy Godzilla's costume at level 26. While Kudos, the other form of currency in Fall Guys, can be purchased with actual money, crowns must be earned through gameplay. Anyone sporting a Godzilla outfit will have needed to put in the time to earn it, whether that be through winning or just leveling up enough during Season 2.

Step 2: Buy it from the in-game store before it leaves

Once you have 10 Crowns, you'll simply need to buy the top and bottom for the Godzilla skin from the in-game store. These should be the featured items during the period they are avialable, and the top and bottom will cost 5 Crowns each. The Godzilla costume will be available starting November 3, which is Godzilla Day in Japan.

While Mediatonic and Devolver Digital have not specified when the event will end, crossovers like this typically only last 3 days. If you want the Godzilla costume in Fall Guys, you'll need to get it between November 3 and November 6, 2020. It's an entertaining mid-season bonus for dedicated Fall Guys players, and it should tide them over until more is revealed about Season 3 of the game.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is available now for PC and PS4.

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