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Get the Bullet Kin skin in Fall Guys before it's gone — here's how

This mini crossover with Enter the Gungeon won't last long.

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August has been chock full of Fall Guys hype with brands like Walmart chomping at the bit to collaborate with the game's publisher Devolver Digital for cross-promotion. The very first crossover to arrive in the game comes in the form of a character from the game Enter the Gungeon.

Anyone can obtain a Fall Guys costume based on Bullet Kin from the indie franchise Enter the Gungeon with relative ease — but only for a limited time.

Here's how to dress up like a Bullet Kin in Fall Guys.

How to get the Bullet Kin costume in Fall Guys

To unlock the costume, you simply need to buy it using Fall Guys' in-game Crown currency. Each half of the costume costs 5 Crown, so it'll cost 10 Crown to buy the whole outfit. That's it. You just need to head to the shop while the costume is available and purchase it. The skin was added to Fall Guys on August 16 at 8 a.m. Eastern and will leave the store 48 hours later on August 18 at 8 a.m. Eastern.

While the above method sounds simple enough, it's actually pretty difficult to get enough Crown to purchase this bad boy. Unlike Kudos, Crowns is the purple currency that you're guaranteed to receive after every match. You can also purchase them with real money.

Bullet Kin on a rough morning.

Devolver Digital

How to earn Crown in Fall Guys

You can only obtain Crown in two different ways. First, you can gain it through ranking up your battle pass. You will earn a single Crown at Ranks 5, 20, and 32, totaling three possible Crown from the battle pass. The second and more potentially lucrative method is by winning an entire Fall Guys game, emerging as the sole victor. You will earn a single crown every time you claim first place. Meaning you'll need 10 victories to cosplay as Bullet Kin.

Will Bullet Kin be available in Fall Guys again?

If you miss out on this initial 48-hour period to claim everyone's favorite weapon-mascot, don't worry. "We can't confirm future plans but we'd like to see it offered again as we love our Bullet Kin," publisher Devolver Digital tells Inverse. In other words, Fall Guys might take an approach similar to Fortnite with timed skins in that they'll rotate in and out of stock at different intervals.

It's likely that we'll see crossover skins like Bullet Kin return to the store. They might not always cost Crowns either. When asked about the continued use of the rarified currency, Devolver seemed open to changing how the system works: "We are always looking at how players are interacting with the game so things could change down the line," Devolver told Inverse over email. The company did affirm the current plan for crossover skins is to make them exclusive to Crowns.

The Scout

Devolver Digital

Are there other crossovers planned for Fall Guys?

Publically, no. Leaks tell a different story, however. According to Twitter user and Fall Guys leaker, HYPEX, Chell from Portal will be coming to the game on September 3 and the titular Pedro from My Friend Pedro will be coming on September 6. Notably, the Chell skin says it will be featured on the PC store, implying Valve franchise-based costumes will continue to be PC-exclusive. Fall Guys' PC store previously featured a costume based on Scout from Team Fortress 2.

Users also found skins based on Gordon Freeman and Alyx from Half-Life in the files. There's also seemingly an additional Portal 2 skin in the works based on P-Body, the orange robot from Portal 2's co-op mode.

Whether or not these leaks are true, it seems like Fall Guys is here to say, and we can expect plenty of more skins to arrive in the game.

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