Everything you need to know about 'Eternights'

Love at the end of the world

Sony’s State of Play in June 2022 had a lot of new information for gamers. While there were some big hitters at the event such as a bloody beautiful remake of Resident Evil 4 as well as long-awaited information on Final Fantasy XVI, there were some other exciting announcements as well. One standout is the new game Eternights which invites players to find love during the apocalypse. Even though the game was just revealed, we won’t have to wait too long to play it. So here's everything we know.

When is the Eternights release date?

Eternights will be here before you know it. Even though the game was just revealed to fans, the release date is early 2023, so there shouldn't be too much pain in waiting for the game. Early 2023 means that Eternights will likely be in players' hands sometime between January-March of 2023.

Is there an Eternights trailer?

Yes! during Sony’s 2022 State of Play in early June, a reveal trailer was dropped for the game. Check it out:

Find love amidst the apocalypse.

The trailer has a stylish mix of 2D animated scenes and 3D gameplay. It also shows off the gameplay mechanics players can expect in Eternights. The protagonist has some kind of magical arm, but more importantly, there’s also lots of romance.

What are the Eternights platforms?

The announcement at State of Play 2022 revealed the game will be coming to PS4, PS5, and PC. No word yet on if the game might receive an Xbox version at some point in the future or if this is a true console exclusive for Sony.

What is the Eternights story?

The trailer introduces us to a world at the end of its life. The player character is a boy whose arm is severed and then receives the ability to create a light construct from his severed arm and use it as a weapon. Here is the plot summary Inverse received in a press release:

“A mysterious entity has infected humans, turning them into dangerous monsters obsessed with violence and power. As they stand between you, a cure, and the world you want, you must race against the clock to fight for your survival and for those you love.”

What is Eternights gameplay like?

Eternights has a mix of gameplay that will scratch that Persona itch.

Studio Sai

The most exciting element of the announcement trailer is the large amount of gameplay that Eternights showed off. All gameplay looks to be focused on a calendar, with the player choosing what events to pursue. Every event will take up time. “With scavenging, dungeon crawling, and dating all on the to-do list, what will you do first?” the press release reads. “The choice is yours, but everything has a deadline, and the clock is ticking.”

As stated, the key pillars of gameplay in Eternights will be broken up into three categories. Scavenging will likely be a part of the characters' lives with the looming threat of the apocalypse. Resources will be scarce and it's up to the player to gather what they can.

The second is dungeon-crawling. The trailer shows off several aspects of this combat-focused element of the game. It appears players will have the opportunity to control the entire party as well as each individual character in real-time battles with some quick time elements.

And of course, there is the dating. The game will feature five unique and loveable party members. The press release encourages players to “explore their unique stories, and unlock new skills and spells to aid you in battle.”

Overall, the game seems to have some heavy Persona vibes going on. There is also the possibility that Eternights blends elements from the Persona and Shin Megami Tensei series to create a complex RPG all its own. The time management of balancing combat and relationship progression is an immensely satisfying gameplay loop and Eternights looks like it is shaping up to be a welcome addition to the genre.

Who is the Eternights developer?

Eternights is the first game from Studio Sai. The developer is a small fully remote studio whose team spans several countries. The name Sai in Korean means the relationship between 2 people as well as the distance between those people. On the studio’s website, they state that Eternights is its attempt at mixing Devil May Cry and Persona.

Eternights is coming to PS4, PS5, and PC in Early 2023

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