This bizarre Elden Ring character build is shockingly overpowered

Gotta go fast ... or something.

Elden Ring
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Elden Ring’s PvP meta has started to settle, and one build has devastated the competitive scene. Funnily enough, the build spawned out of a meme based on Sonic the Hedgehog (just in time for his new movie!), but make no mistake — it’s wildly overpowered and will likely get nerfed in the coming weeks. But what exactly is the Sonic build, and what makes it so powerful? Well, it has everything to do with an electrically charged barrel-roll. No Chaos Emerald needed!

What is the Elden Ring Sonic build?

Calling it a “build” is somewhat of a stretch since it’s tied to a single move called the Lightning Ram Ash of War, which allows you to roll around and deal lightning damage to enemies. It’s far more effective in PvP scenarios since the move can be used to stun other players, making it impossible for them to fight back. Large bosses, on the other hand, won’t be stunned as easily.

Popular YouTuber HugeCharles uses the meme build to decimate other players.

Continuously roll into your opponents to deal damage, and they’ll go down in no time. As shown in the video above, this tactic is ridiculously strong since enemy players can’t do much to counter the maneuver.

Replicate the Elden Ring Sonic build

The most important ingredient to get your hands on is the Lightning Ram Ash of War.

This item is found to the east of the Stormcaller Church in Atlus Plateau. You’ll need to take out a scarab enemy to obtain it, and it’s best to wrap around to this location from the east.

The Lightning Ram Ash of War is found to the east of Stormcaller Church within Atlus Plateau.

Bandai Namco

After you have the Lightning Ram Ash of War, visit a Site of Grace to equip it to a weapon, and then press L2 to use the attack. Keep in mind, the Lightning Ram Ash of War consumes FP and stamina, so the higher your stats, the more you’ll be able to spam the attack. If you’re underleveled, be sure to utilize our rune farming method to become powerful quickly.

Depending on your opponent’s stats, you’ll be able to take them out with just a few uses of the Lightning Ram, giving you plenty of wiggle room. You do need to get pretty close to the opponent for the attack to actually work, but doing so deals significant damage.

Truly horrific.

Bandai Namco

Aside from that, you can actually create a character that actually resembles Sonic, like the one shown above. It won’t change your stats, but being attacked by a player who looks like this is extra horrifying, which counts for something, right?

Given FromSoftware’s track record with Elden Ring so far, it’s likely this attack will be nerfed in a future update, so enjoy it while you can. For now, you can take pleasure in absolutely decimating other players as the most popular hedgehog in all of gaming (not that he has much competition).

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