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How to complete Destiny 2's "Of All Trades" Deep Stone Crypt raid challenge

The latest raid challenge requires precise coordination.

There’s no shortage of challenges to complete in Destiny 2. The recent Beyond Light DLC brings several new activities to the game, which give diehard fans more reasons to grind.

One of the game’s biggest new additions is the Deep Stone Crypt raid. The six-person mission requires complex coordination to solve dynamic problems. For those who want to go one step further, the raid has bonus challenges, which rotate every week during the game’s Tuesday reset. The most recent challenge rewards players with a triumph called Of All Trades, so completionists will need to tackle this if they want everything the game has to offer.

Here’s exactly how to complete the tricky new challenge and grab the triumph.

How to complete the "Of All Trades" challenge

First and foremost, you’ll need to be fundamentally familiar with the Deep Stone Crypt raid to complete this. If this is your first time even seeing the raid, we recommend checking out some guides on how the various sections work, because there’s a lot of mechanics to remember.

With that in mind, you’ll only need to focus on the third encounter of the raid here. The “Descent” encounter features three roles that players can pick up between rounds: Suppressor, Scanner, and Operator. Each role gives players a different task to complete during a round, like shooting red keypads or calling out yellow bomb bins.

The Deep Stone Crypt is a creepy place.


Usually, players can swap roles freely through the encounter. To complete this particular challenge, however, every player will need to hold each role once. That means that all six members of your team must have a go at each role before you complete the encounter. Even more complicated, players can’t just pick something up and then drop it right away. Each player must hold on to their role for a full round for it to count.

That may sound daunting, but it’s very achievable with proper communication. Essentially, teams won’t want to wing it here. Trying to do this on the fly will result in chaos as six people try to figure out who’s picking up what each round. Instead, you’ll want to go in with some kind of order so you know exactly what each person is doing every round.

One good method for doing this is to establish some sort of rotation. Having a set order in mind makes it easier to visualize who everyone is passing their role to next. For example, assign every member of your team a number from one to six and have each player pass their role to the person next to them every round. Players like Reddit user JoeGibbons have already created excellent visualizations of what a rotation like that looks like.

Deep Stone Crypt raid rotation chart.


Have everyone with a specific role focus on completing their task and put everyone else on enemy cleanup duty to protect them. This will require you to function like a well-oiled machine, which can be tricky in high-level activities, but this should be a relatively basic challenge for teams who are used to coordination.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light is now available.

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