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You need to try this Destiny 2: Beyond Light leveling trick ASAP

The easiest grinding cheese since the Loot Cave is here.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light once again raises the level cap in Bungie’s looter shooter. That means that all players, new and old, are starting on an equal playing field and will need to grind to max out their power level. This time, every player starts at 1050 and can eventually ascend to 1260.

There are a few ways to grind for gear, with some of the game’s savviest players already finding exploits to make the process move faster. Here’s what you need to know to raise your power level in Destiny 2: Beyond Light.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light Soft Cap: 1200

The first number to worry about is 1200. That’s the new soft cap for Destiny 2 and casual players will have no trouble reaching that level.

'Beyond Light' introduces plenty of new gear.


The soft cap essentially means that if you’re below 1200, most gear you pick up will be over your current level. And because your overall power is the average level of all your gear, it means a net increase. Once you hit 1200, only specific activities will grant you gear that's higher, but the soft cap can be reached by simply playing the game.

The best advice here is to always do what activities you like doing. I went into the player-versus-player Crucible to play a few rounds, and I was rewarded with multiple pieces of gear after each match. The same is true for activities like Gambit, Strikes, Public Events, or just about anything you can do in the solar system. Different missions in Beyond Light’s main story tend to jump in power level, so you’ll want to clear a mission and then head off to do different activities in between.

During this period, you’ll get new gear fast and furiously, so don’t get too attached to anything. Stick to whatever your highest level gear is and don’t start infusing until you’ve hit 1200.

How to hit 1200 in Destiny 2: Beyond Light the easy way

If just playing the game sounds too slow, savvy players have found an exploit that you can take advantage of while it lasts.

To do this, go to the Widow’s Walk Lost Sector in the EDZ. When you kill the wanted Captain at the end, it’ll drop a piece of powerful purple gear that’s about 10 levels higher than your current power. That’s in addition to the normal gear you’ll get from the cache next to it. Once you’ve killed it, run back out of the Lost Sector and re-enter it to kill the Captain again.

You can do this with any Lost Sector, but Widow’s Walk is one of the easiest and quickest ones to clear. Some players have reportedly reached the 1200 soft cap after only an hour of grinding.

This will probably get patched out of the game within the week, so take advantage of it while you can if you’re feeling impatient.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light Hard Cap: 1250

Once you hit 1200, the real work begins.

The next cap is 1250 and it’ll require you to do more specific activities to earn powerful gear. For example, completing a certain number of Crucible matches will net you one drop. Weekly story missions and weapon quests will reward this tier of engram as well.

These can be earned from completing bounties as well. Every time you complete eight of a vendor’s bounties in the tower, they’ll give you a powerful engram. Make sure to load up on as many bounties as you can hold whenever you’re heading out to do a new activity.

Don’t ignore your season pass either. Certain gear on the free and paid rails will drop at a high level, so you’ll be able to push a little past 1200 just by playing casually.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light Pinnacle Cap: 1260

Finally, there’s the new pinnacle cap, which allows players to hit 1260. Getting gear above 1250 will require you to complete some of the game’s most difficult challenges.

You’ll get a pinnacle drop for scoring 100,000 points on a Nightfall: The Ordeal run. The game’s new raid, which is coming later this season, will eventually drop this gear as well. PVP enthusiasts can get some for completing Iron Banner bounties, though the event only happens once a month.

There are two easier sources of pinnacle rewards for those who aren’t looking to play high-difficulty content. You’ll receive a drop for hitting your weekly clan XP progress. Simply play the game every week and you’ll get something, as long as you’re in a clan. Otherwise, keep an eye out for weekly playlists. Sometimes you’ll be able to get a pinnacle drop for completing a certain number of strikes or Gambit matches, so keep an eye on your director after each Tuesday reset to see what checklists appear.

It shouldn’t take long to reach the highest levels during Beyond Light’s current Season of the Hunt as long as you know what to do and when to do it. Happy grinding, Guardians!

Destiny 2: Beyond Light is now available.

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